U + Me equals LOVE

There are 4 girls. Ashely, Arianny, Kensley, and Cristal. They meet One Direction and fall in love.


1. Introuduction

My name is Arianny. I have an ordinary life. Living with my parents and all my brothers and sisters. People might say that i am a little Obssessed with One Direction but i think they are wrong I AM IN LOVE WITH ONE DIRECTION.

Well haters if you are going to hate. Dont read this because it is not going to be ur bissnes(i dont know how to spell it )

Well back to my story. Soooooooo this is what my life mainly is. 

I forgot to say some things . I forgot to say that i have 3 crazy friends named. Kensley, Ashely, and a special guest. Which is my best friend cousin. CRISTAL 

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