U + Me equals LOVE

There are 4 girls. Ashely, Arianny, Kensley, and Cristal. They meet One Direction and fall in love.


3. In the Concert

OMG One Direction came on the stage every girl in the room started screaming. We were in the fromt row, which was really lucky because u get to see them close. I was totally fangirling when Zayn came on the stage. They said they were going to sing 10 songs, answer some questions and a special suprise.Niall kept looking at Ashely. Liam looking at Cristal and Louis looking at Kensley. But Harry kept looking at someone in the back of us and thats when i realised that that was Ashely and Cristal friend Anyha. Cristal started talking to her and then all of us ended talking to her. 

When they started singing i think i was dieng right there when Zayn kept looking at me. I was really freaking out because he is so sexy and cute that i was about to faint. The most wonderful thing that happend was that he said he wanted to dedicate this song to someone, he looked at me then Ashely, Cristal , and Kensley started looking at me really weird. They sang Kiss You. My heart sank. When they started to answer the questions. I was one of the questions that i wrote and they answered it. And when they saw that it was me that was in the front row they smilled at us again.


They took us on the stage so we could sing with them a song . And then after that i dont know wat happened.

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