U + Me equals LOVE

There are 4 girls. Ashely, Arianny, Kensley, and Cristal. They meet One Direction and fall in love.


2. Concert Time

OMG!!!!!!! I am going to go to 1D concert. All of my friends are going to go. Ashely, Kensley, and Cristal ( which is Ashely BFF).

I think i havent told you my brothers and sisters name. Smallest to Biggest.

1st is Kevin 

2nd is Albert

3rd is Gabriela

4rd is Taylor

5th is Jesua

6th is Josua

So i am stuck with these little for the rest of my life.


I changed. The concert starts at 9 but we are going to get there early.

Ashely and Cristal came to pick me up. We are going to pick Kensley next.

At first Kensley mom said no because she said we were alone with no boy. We said that after the concert we are going to stay on a hotel close by. We begged so hard she said yes. We were so exited.


We got in the car. we were fucking exited. The car ride is like 2 hours or something. We stopped in a Mc Donalds. We were so hungry. After that we got to the concert but we were early there was like 5 or 6 people in there. We brought some chips and candy.


Finally the concert is starting!!!!!!!!!!!!

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