U + Me equals LOVE

There are 4 girls. Ashely, Arianny, Kensley, and Cristal. They meet One Direction and fall in love.


4. At the Hotel

 Well i dint know wat happened but after my friends told me, i am really shoked. They told me that i fainted and the best part was that when i fainted Zayn came to the first row and carried me to backstage. My friends said that he was so worried. The group had to cancel the cincert. And they said to everyine that bought the tickets will be free tomorrow.


in the morning i take a bath and everything and then my friends tell me that we were going to stay for 2 weeks and im like what?? They said that they asked permissiin to my parents and theirs. After they told me that they said that they have a suprise for me. I was excited but nervous. When she said come in. ine directiin came in the room. Zayn hugged me and whispered you look beautiful. And i whispered back thanks.!!!!! I cant believe that my friends really did this to me. After a while Niall said lets go eat somewhere. Girls you wanna go. and we said yes. Then we drove off.


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