My lovely abuse

Molly Payne is an 18 year old British brunette who loves football (aka soccer). Her cousin Liam Payne is all the family she has left. With the help of the members of his band he cares for Molly. But a couple days after that awkward night, she starts to get abused by Niall from the band. She doesn't know what to do after all she does love him.... Read the story to find more


2. The fun before that night

"Molly hurry up and come out!" Liam shouted from outside. Today is supposed to be very fun. Liam decided we would go for a swim in the morning, Niall wanted to go to Nando's for lunch, then Louis wanted to go ice skating. For dinner, I planned to make a surprise for them. I am so excited for this because it will take my mind off my mum.

I met up with them outside. It was very funny because Zayn was wearing a floaty around his waist with arm floats on his arms. "Morning Molly you look very sexy!" Niall said. I knew he was just playing because he does that all the time. I wore my British flag bikini. "Thank you Niall you look sexy as well!" He was wearing British flag trunks. You could say we would make the cutest couple but I don't love him that way. After all he is like a big brother to me. 

Niall pushed me off the edge of the pool making me fall in. They all jumped in as well and started chasing me underwater. Zayn was the only one to not chase me because of his swimming deal. He started to fake drown. "Ah help I'm drowning!" I started to laugh as he doggy paddled over to me. Louis swam toward me, picked me up and started spinning me. He through me in the water and Liam got out. We all followed him and put towels on. Niall started to shiver hilariously. He saw that my lips were blue and my teeth were chattering so he came up and hugged me. 

We all got all dressed up because Niall changed his mind and said we were going somewhere fancy. I was wearing a deep blue dress, my universe converse and my favorite blue sparkly burett. As I went down the stairs to see all the guys' mouth open. "What?" I said laughing. The guys did a little dog whistle. I also curled my hair and put makeup on. 

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