My lovely abuse

Molly Payne is an 18 year old British brunette who loves football (aka soccer). Her cousin Liam Payne is all the family she has left. With the help of the members of his band he cares for Molly. But a couple days after that awkward night, she starts to get abused by Niall from the band. She doesn't know what to do after all she does love him.... Read the story to find more


3. The day that everything changed for the worse

I woke up to the sound of lovely music filling my ears. I sat up to the site of Niall playing his guitar soft and sweetly singing Little Things. "Morning Beautiful! Did you have a good sleep?" I did, I really did. I dreamt of my mum, happy and healthy. I immediately fell back into my pillow. My head was pounding so hard from all the drinking I did with my friends last night. He knew about it, along with the other boys except for Liam. "Get up Drunky! Harry made bacon, pancakes and sausages!!" Niall was so happy. He loved to eat. Him and the other boys (except Liam) had nicknames like that for me. "Yum!" I said. I realized he had brought a glass of water with a couple pills for my head, along with pills for my ADD. "Thanks" I said when he handed them to me. 

I walked down the stairs to the sight of Harry and Louis. "Hey there Typsy!" Louis said to me. "Hey Lou! I wasn't that drunk! Was I?" I said. I don't even remember anything about that night. "Your so lucky Liam wasn't here! He would've kicked your ass! You were like hitting on Zayn in the hot tub!" Harry said. He couldn't help himself from laughing. I ran down the stairs to find Zayn standing by the stove. "Hey babe!" Zayn said. "Hey Zayn. Oh and um yeah sorry about last night. Harry told me I was hitting on you in the hot tub. That must have been awkward!" I said. I know I would have felt weird if anyone did that to me. "Oh don't worry! It's all cool!" Zayn smiled. I laughed as he did it. When he smiled sometimes it looked so ridiculously stupid! I sat up on the counter as I saw him cook. He looked so sexy shirtless!

I heard the doorbell ring. I walked over to get it. When I heard it again and again, I knew it was Liam because he always did that. Liam was with his girlfriend, Hayley, last night. I couldn't wait for him to come and give me a huge hug! I opened the door, but it wasn't Liam, it was that bitch Hayley. "Hey you little skank!" Hayley pushed passed me as she removed her sunglasses and turned towards the door as Liam came walking in carrying a bunch of pink bags. "Hey Molly! How did last night go?" Liam said as he set the bags down on the couch. "It was alright, hey Liam, can I talk to you upstairs?" I asked him. I needed to tell him what Hayley said. I was getting so sick of her. "Sure thing cousin!" He followed me upstairs and told Hayley to sit and relax. 

"Was up Molly?" Liam asked me. What could I say? I want him to be happy, but this will upset him. "Okay Liam, I really want you to be happy and all but I don't like Hayley. She called me a skank when she came in. I'm so sorry." I was being completely honest with him, and I could tell by his facial expression that he was mad. Was he mad at me or Hayley? "Okay I'll talk to her." I thanked him. At least he was going to talk to her. 

Apparently he did talk to her and that she was very upset at this. She actually grabbed her own bags! I knew it crushed him and I was very upset at that. Liam seemed very upset. Well I screwed up one thing today, like I always do. 

Zayn decided we would all play soccer in the yard. Unfortunately, it was that time of the month so I was in bed with cramps. The boys decided they would take turns checking up on me. 10 minutes after Harry came, it was Niall's turn. He walked in playing What Makes YouBeautiful on his guitar and went to sit down on the chair by me. "Hey babe, how's your cramps?" He asked. "Their alright. But I really wish I could play."


She looked so beautiful laying there in her bed that I just couldn't help myself. I leant over to kiss her, but I couldn't do that! She was Liam's cousin! But she look so beautiful! No! I can't I just can't! " You okay Niall?" She asked in her sweet, warm voice. I didn't know what to do. 



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