My lovely abuse

Molly Payne is an 18 year old British brunette who loves football (aka soccer). Her cousin Liam Payne is all the family she has left. With the help of the members of his band he cares for Molly. But a couple days after that awkward night, she starts to get abused by Niall from the band. She doesn't know what to do after all she does love him.... Read the story to find more


4. Chapter 3 part 2


Niall's starting to scare me. He keeps staring at my eyes. It's quite weird and I don't like it. "Niall? Are you okay?" I asked. He started to lean over. Was he going to kiss me? Yes, he was puckering up! I had know idea what I should do. I was so shocked. I did love him, and I did want to kiss him, but it was to early. His lips touched mine, I didn't know what was happening. Do I kiss him back? No I can't. But what if he takes it the wrong way?

I backed away. "Niall, I'm sorry but I can't do it!" He looked angry, that made me even more scared. He raised his hand to hit me. It slammed down onto my cheek. My cheek started to sting really bad and I could feel it turning red. I saw Niall walk out. Why did he do that? Maybe he just didn't know what to do? Yeah, that must be it. A single tear fell from my face. I realized I shouldn't tell anyone, so I need to suck it up and stop crying like a baby before someone else checked up on me. But questions kept filling my mind like why did he kiss me? Why was he being so weird? And most of all: what will he do next? 


It was my turn to check up on Molly. Niall was before me and when he came back outside he looked a little pissed. When I asked him what was wrong, he said he was fine, but I knew he wasn't. Anyway so I checked up on Molly and she didn't look good. She was pale in her face and she a shaking. " You okay Molly?" I asked her. No answer. I ran outside to grab the guys and my phone. Liam was almost like the medical brains of the group and he knew exactly what was happening: she was seizing! Harry grabbed his phone out of his pocket and called 911 as Louis held her head to avoid her from biting her tongue. I was freaking out, especially since I found her like that first. 

At the hospital, we were all in the waiting room talking. I noticed how Niall was crying. I knew Niall like a brother so I knew all about his emotions and how he expresses them. "Niall, can I talk to you over there?" I asked him. He followed me to a little hallway on the opposite side of the room. 

"What's wrong, for real, man?" I asked him. He knew he couldn't  hide it from me. "I just really felt bad when she talked to me about what Hayley used to say to her." He looked as if he was being honest with me, so I let it go. The whole situation really nagged at me because I can't stand seeing her get hurt. After all she was like a sister. I thought again about last night. How she was so flirty with me and I actually kind of enjoyed it. But I needed to stop thinking about it. It was nothing right? She was drunk, she didn't know what she was doing. 


I woke up and I noticed I was in the hospital. The boys all crowded me, but Niall wasn't there. "Is she awake?" Harry asked. "No dumbass, I'm sleeping with my eyes open!" I said laughing. "Molly!" Liam freaked out. I forgot that he thinks I don't swear but he had to find out somehow right? All the boys started laughing except for Liam under the circumstances. 

The hospital cleared me and I went home. The boys went upstairs but I went to the kitchen to find something to eat. I found Niall sitting at the table eating a plate full of leftovers. "Hello Niall!" I said. I was afraid that he would hurt me again but he didn't. Liam came down the stairs with something behind his back and a frown on his face. I could just tell he was going to show me something that upset him. I had put the empty bottles behind my dresser so it wasn't them and the cigarettes were in my closet. "I decided that I would put your mirror up behind your dresser." He held out what was behind his back. An empty bottle of vodka. Great, I have upset him twice today. Harry and Zayn walked down the stairs and realized that something was up. "Everything okay here?" Zayn asked. "I found this in Molly's room. Molly where did you get this?" How could I lie to Liam? I decided to tell him the truth about me and my friends last night and he was not okay. He told me that I am grounded and that I must not see my friends the rest of the summer. I yelled and screamed at him and stormed up to my room. 

I went in my bathroom upset and pissed. I grabbed a mirror, smashed it, and grabbed the biggest piece I could find. It hurt for a little bit, but it started to feel better and I watched, crying at the blood dripping from my hand. 

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