It's Complicated

Many people would consider Rayne the luckiest girl in the world since she's dating Justin Bieber. Yet after dating him for almost two years, what if she's not "feeling it" anymore?

There's one guy who gets her through it all, yet it gets complicated.. He is Justin's best friend..


5. More Complicated than Expected

Rayne's POV:

  After Fredo and I talked for awhile about what we were going to do, we decided that we had to tell Justin at some time. I just wasn't feeling it anymore with Justin and I wanted to be happy. We planned on next week when we weren't on the road anymore. We had a break in the tour and thought it would be perfect to give Justin some time to digest the news. 

  I tossed and turned all night, partly with butterflies from kissing Fredo and partly out of guilt for cheating on Justin. Eventually Justin came in and laid down next to me so I tried to lay still so he would think I was asleep.  


  I hopped out of the shower and went into the room. I dropped my towel and began putting on some clothes.

  "Damn babe, you look good." I heard from the corner of the room. I jumped and turned around not realizing that Justin was in the room. I grabbed a sweatshirt and yoga pants and slipped them on quickly.

  "Oh hey.. I didn't realize you were in here." 

  "Are you okay?" He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me. I relaxed into his hold knowing that this was one of the last times I would be able to do this. Of course I still loved him, just not in a romantic way anymore. I knew he would hate me after I told him about Fredo and I hated that I would lose him. 

  "I'm fine, just not feeling so good." This wasn't exactly a lie considering my stomach was doing flips of nervousness.

  Justin looked down at me doing his perfect pouty lip and leaned in and kissed me just as Fredo walked into the trailer.

  "Um.. didn't realize I was interrupting. My bad. Can't you keep your lips to yourself." He snapped. This wasn't how he normally acted around us and I knew he was jealous. 

  "Dang Fredo, you've never minded before. Is this about that strange fight you two are in?" He asked pointing at us.

  "NO!" We said simultaneously. "We made ou-UP last night. It's all fixed." I stumbled nervously.

  "Okay.... Well I'm glad. It was weird with you guys not talking. Now come on Rayne, I made you breakfast."

  I walked past Fredo giving him a sympathetic look. It was kind of an odd situation. I didn't know if I was supposed to act like nothing was wrong with Justin or act distant. What had I gotten myself into...

Fredo's POV: 

  Seriously! She kisses me and tells me how she feels and then goes back and kisses Justin the very next day?? I get it, she is still dating him, but she could at least try to distance herself. This could be a little more complicated than expected.....

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