It's Complicated

Many people would consider Rayne the luckiest girl in the world since she's dating Justin Bieber. Yet after dating him for almost two years, what if she's not "feeling it" anymore?

There's one guy who gets her through it all, yet it gets complicated.. He is Justin's best friend..


2. Happy and Relaxed

Rayne's POV:

  I got back to the hotel and changed into an old t-shirt and some sweats. I went over and sat down on the couch. Fredo would be back soon. I turned on Revolution and began watching. Soon I heard the door open.

  "Hey Rayne! You didn't go to the after party with Justin?" Fredo asked.

  "Nah I wasn't up to it tonight, plus Revolution is on." I said with a smile.

  "And you started it without me!?" He asked and plopped down next to me. Fredo was my best friend. I felt like I could tell him anything, even things I don't even tell Justin. I leaned my head on his chest and continued staring at the T.V. ~~ I felt myself being lifted off the couch. I must have fallen asleep. I looked up at Fredo, "What time is it?" I asked.

  "Past midnight." He replied. He pulled back the covers of my bed and gently laid me down. 

  "Is Justin back yet?" I asked. He usually stayed out pretty late at these parties and I needed him to help me fall back asleep. He always calmed me down.

  "No, he's still out with Lil Twist." Fredo and I both thought that Lil Twist was a bad influence on Justin but they were best friends so there was nothing we could do. I asked Fredo to sit next to me while I fell asleep. He sat next to me and rubbed my back while I closed my eyes. I soon felt myself drifting into a deep sleep.

Fredo's POV:

  I rubbed her back and watched her as she fell asleep. If only she was mine and I could just lay down next to her. She is so beautiful and amazing, but she just thinks of me as a friend. I suppose that's all I'll ever be to her. I heard the door open and I walked out to greet Justin. He plopped down on the couch.

  "Justin, Rayne just went to bed. You should probably go too." I said. It was too late, he was passed out cold and I was NOT going to carry him to bed. So I went to my room and went to bed. 

Justin's POV:

  I woke up at noon. I was really tired and my back hurt from sleeping on the couch. I went in and saw that Rayne was still sleeping as well. I hopped in next to her and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck. She smiled and turned to face me. She buried her head in my chest. "What'd you do last night?" I asked.

  "I watched Revolution with Fredo and fell asleep. What time did you get home?" She asked.

  "Around 12:30 I think. So I didn't stay out too late but man was I exhausted."

  "Okay. What did you and Twist do at the after party?"

  "Just hung out.."

  "Did you drink?" She asked.

  "No, don't worry I didn't."

  "Okay I was just nervous.." She mumbled.

  I kissed her on her head and hopped up and we went down to breakfast.

Rayne's POV: 

  I'm not sure if Justin was telling me the truth about not drinking. Twist could push him to doing some stupid shit when they were together. I didn't want to freak out on him so I just let it go. I missed him.

  We walked down to breakfast and at my seat I saw a single red rose. "Aww Justin thanks but you didn't need to do that." I said and pecked him on the cheek.

  "Um I didn't put that there.. I wish I had but that wasn't me."

  "Then who was it?" I asked confused.

  I looked up and saw someone standing in the doorway. I walked over to him..


Hey guys so tell me if this sucks because I don't know... I wanted to write a fan fic that was a little different. So please please PLEASE let me know what you think.. Like, comment, favorite.. Thanks <3

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