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Louis Tomlinson is in love with his best friend, Rebeka, but she has a boyfriend Josh. Josh is a drummer for Louis band, One Direction... Louis is determined to make Rebeka his.. Will he ever give up?


2. Silence Breaks and Happieness Begins

The silence between me and louis continued for 2 days. We always sat in silence until I finally had enough of the silence.. It was killing me very slowly. " hey" I said to Louis looking at him. We were alone most of the time. He didn't answer but rather was lost in thought. 
              LOUIS'S P.O.V
I was way too angry to talk back. Josh had pissed me off more than anyone and anything else. He rubbed it in my face that he was dating Rebeka. I couldn't talk to Rebeka with out wanting to yell because she was too blind to love me. I tried all with all my might to answer in a nice to. " hey " I said back my voice was hard and stern. " Louis why are you mad at me" she asked. " why do you think I'm mad at you" I asked with a lighter tone. I wasn't going to lie I was mad at her but I wasn't going to tell her she won't understand. "I don't know you just always glare at me like I'm killing you.. And you haven't talked to me since 2 days ago" she said looking down at her thumbs. " I'm not mad.. I was just out of it.. I'm sorry" why was I apologizing I didn't do anything. If anything she should apologize for putting me through this and dating Josh. I am losing my calm. I tried to shake the thought away. " it's ok" she said looking up. A moment passed. " can I have a hug" she asked with a smile appearing on her lips. " sure " I said and opened my arms. She jumped up and ran to sit on my lap and I hugged her tight and she hugged back just as tight. I kissed her head. She just smiled. "I like you better this way" she said looking up. " what do you mean" I asked. " before you wouldn't talk.. Just glare.. And it hurt me " she said. " I didn't mean it" I said. " I know " she said. "So.. Lets play Hide-N-Seek like old times" I said smiling. " ok can I hide first" she asked. "Sure" I said. She got up and I closed my eyes and started counting."1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10....Ready or not here I come" I said. I looked everywhere and after a couple of minutes I found her, she was under the counter. 
         We played hide-n-seek for a while and in the middle of a game she fell asleep on the couch. I just watched her sleep. She looked peaceful. 
         A couple hours later she woke up and we made lunch and watched tv. " when are the boys coming over" she asked while we were sitting on the couch. " their flights won't arrive til tomorrow .. And josh won't be here til tomorrow cuz his mom has strep throat, so he over at her flat" I said. " oh" she said. " yeah is that a problem" I asked raising my eyebrow, whichever her giggle. " no not at all" she said laughing because I began tickling her."good" I said. 
       It began to get late. " you want me to drive you home" I said. " I was hoping I could spend the night" she said. "Ok works for me" I said. We began to get settled and I let her have my bedroom and I have the guest room. 
           REBEKA'S P.O.V
It was the middle of the night and I woke up from a nightmare. I was sweating and it was gross. I decided to take a midnight shower and put on some clean underwear and I put on Louis oversized Tshirt. I tried to go back to sleep, but it didn't work. I slowly crept into were Louis was sleeping. Thank god he was sleeping. I tip-toed across the bedroom and I slowly got on to the bed. Louis turned over and was half awake. "What are you doing" he asked sleepily. "Nothing" I lied. " don't lie to me like that" he said becoming more awake. Damn it. " I had a nightmare ok" I said smirking. "Oh now.. " he said letting his sentence trail off. I stood there waiting for him to go back asleep.. He didn't. " well don't just stand there get your ass in bed" he said taking my arm and pulling me on the bed. " gosh someone pushy" I said. " not uh" he said. " good night" I said and fell asleep

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