Little things

This is a story about a girl named Alisha who is an amazing songwriter. When old best friend harry styles and the rest of one direction come to live with her to write a song what will happen? Will she fall for one of the boys? Will one of the boys fall for her? Sorry if this is really bad I'm not much of a writer and its my first fan fic. Hope you like it


1. Chapter 1

(A/N) Hey so I just wanna say that I'm sorry if this is bad. Pls comment and like. F I don't get comments and likes I'm just gonna take it down. So here it goes.


Today we had an important meeting. All the boys were called into the studio to discuss something new. I have no idea what and neither do the others. We all walked in and Sandra the lady at the front desk told us to go straight  in. Louis and zayn started running full speed racing that they almost knocked the door down"Hey boys" Simon said as the rest of us walked in laughing. "Ok boys straight down to business today no mucking around. We need a new song and all the ideas and samples I'm getting from the songwriters aren't good enough. So I'm sending you to Alisha's to get her help." Simon says. I get up and start running around the place screaming and cheering "thank yous" and "I love yous" at Simon. I can wait. Alisha lives in Australia but she came t live wit my family and I for a year in high school as a school  exchange student." Wait hold on who the hell is Alisha and why is Harry so happy?" Louis asks looking at me like I'm crazy. "Alisha is just the best songwriter in the history of the world and my best friend that I haven't seen in years." I said smiling like an idiot. "Wait excuse me I'm your best friend not her." Louis says sounding all offended." Aww don't worry Lou I still love ya." I say sitting back down."one more thing." Simon says. Well look at him" this means you'll be staying in Australia for a while. She doesn't know your coming either." He says while getting up before he walks out the door he says"yo leave on Thursday night so you got two days to be ready." He says and walks out. We all get up and walk out."you guys wanna hang out at mine and Harry's tonight?" Louis asks the boys. They all replied with a "sure". We all went back to our place and all I could think was that this was gonna be the best time ever.


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