Little Payne

(Sequel to Long Lost Styles) Now that Mikaela and Liam are having a baby and Nikki and Harry are getting married, everything is great. No really big drama until Isla May Payne comes along. What will happen when Mikaela and Liam discover the stress that comes with a baby? What will happen to all our favourite relationships? Will they crumble? Or will they stay stable? Read on to find out if the family was actually ready.


1. Isla May Payne


Mikaela's POV
"Mummy?" "Yes?" I said looking down at my six year old daughter. "Can I help cook?" I smiled and lifted her up to help me. I sat her on the bench. "Stir this for me." I said and gave her a spoon. I watched as she twirled the spoon in the bowl and chuckled when she spilt some on her shirt. "That's alright. Keep going. Your doing a great job." She giggled and continued stirring. "Mmmm, looks delicious. What are you making?" I watched as Liam kissed Isla's head. "Chocolate cake daddy." She smiled. Liam chuckled. "My favourite!" He looked at me and smiled. He walked over to me. "Hey babe." He smiled. I giggled. "Hello. Why aren't you out with the boys?" "They are no fun!" He chuckled. "I heard a thud and looked to see Isla standing on the ground. "What are you doing honey?" I asked. "Yuk!" She said and ran. I heard the boys talking and assumed she was with them. I kissed Liam's cheek and pushed passed him and watched Isla. She was sitting on Harry's lap. I smiled. "They were kissing." Harry chuckled. "We're they? Naughty mummy and daddy hey?" She nodded. "Isla, coming to finish the cake?" I called. She jumped off Harry's lap and ran to me. "No kissing infront of Sponge!" Louis yelled. I giggled. Harry always called her Sponge. "Sir, yes sir." I said with a chuckle. I grabbed Islas hand and guided her into the kitchen. I put her back on the bench and gave her the spoon. Liam grabbed my waist. "Daddy, we are trying to cook." She whined. I giggled. "Yeah, we are." He kissed my cheek and walked out. I smiled at Isla. "Mummy, I love you." "I love you too sweetie." Tears swelled up in my eyes as I kissed her forehead.
"Baby? Panda bear? Wake up." I squirmed. I felt a wet kiss plant on my lips. My eyes fluttered open. "Morning baby." Liam said. "Morning." He chuckled. "What were you dreaming about? You were smiling." I giggled at the thought of my dream. "I was dreaming about the baby." He kissed my neck. "We still haven't got a name and she or he is due anytime now." "I have a name. Isla, Isla May Payne." He smiled. "That's a great name but what is it's a boy. What's your thoughts Mrs Payne?" I giggled when he called me that. "Jayden, Jay for short." He shook his head and chuckled. "For the "gay" friend that couldn't keep his hands off you. You could turn any gay guy straight with your beauty." I blushed. "Shhhhhhh!" I giggled. He turned me over and I hopped on top of him. "The boys are all meeting us today." Liam chuckled. I nodded. We lived in Chesire with all the boys. They all live around us so we are all real close. I kissed his nose. "I love you." I whispered. "THANKYOU." He chuckled. I slapped his arm. "Liam?!" He chuckled. "I'm just joking. I love you." I smiled. He put his hands on my stomach. "I love both of you and can't wait to meet you." I giggled and stood up and walked to the bathroom. I ran the shower. I started to get undressed. I hopped in and let the warm water trickle down my body. 
I hoped out and wrapped a towel a towel and dried my hair. I walked out and saw Liam still laying on the bed. He looked me up and down. I blushed and walked to the wardrobe. I grabbed out a summery dress and some flats. After getting dressed I walked out and Liam wasn't there. I heard the shower running and saw a towel on the bed. His bed. I grabbed the towel and knocked on the bathroom door. "Babe?" I asked through the door. "Yes?" "Can I come in?" I heard him chuckle and I just opened the door. "You left your towel on the bed." "Thanks babe." I giggled and walked out. I walked downstairs to the lounge room. I turned the TV on some music channel. 'As Long As You Love Me' By Justin Bieber came on. I walked into the kitchen to make breakfast. 'As long as you love me, we could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke. As long as you love me, I'll be platinum, I'll be your silver, I'll be your gold...' I sung loudly. I grabbed cereal and poured me a bowl. I put some milk on it and sat down at the table. A few minutes later Liam walked down in only a towel. (Mental picture...-dead-) "We are going for a picnic so we need to take something." Liam said. "2nd cupboard, 1st shelf is a bag of biscuits." He shook his head and walked over there. "I don't like these." He said. I shrugged my shoulders. "Well I do. We are taking them." He whined and sat them in front of me. He started going through cupboards. "Liam? You really thought I forgot that you didn't like them. I got something for you too. Favorites in the fridge." He ran to the fridge and screamed when he found them. "I love you so so so so so so so much!" He yelled. "Yeah, we'll the chocolates won't last forever." I muttered. He chuckled and kissed the top of my head. I would of loved you either way. I put another spoonful of cereal into my mouth. He sat the Favorites down and started to walk out. I slapped his butt on the way  and he chuckled.  
We were in the car driving to the park that Harry told us to meet him at. Of course he picked a quiet park where not many people went. We drove for a while. I cranked the music up loud. Music was one of the things I love. We arrived at the park. Liam looked out his window. "No ones here yet. Why leave?" He said with a smirk. I blushed. "Come on." I encouraged opening the door. "I can spot my brother and Nikki from a mile away. There they are." I showed Liam while grabbing the Favorites and biscuits. He groaned and hopped out of the car. I grabbed his hand and out fingers entwined. We walked over to where I saw Harry. He waved and I giggled. "Hi Haz." I greeted smiling. He stood up and ran to me. He surprisingly picked me up and spun me around. "Hey Mikki." I kissed his cheek and he put me down. I hugged Nikki. She giggled. "Girly catchup!" She demanded. I smiled and walked over and sat down with her. "Shouldn't we wait for El, Chloe and Perrie?" She giggled. "Bestie catchup first?" I nodded. "You've gotten huge. Your due any day now right?" She questioned. "Actually, I'm due tomorrow." She screamed in excitement. I'm guessing. "So what about you? Harry is treating you right?" She bit her bottom lip. "Yeah, he's great." I smiled. I liked the thought of her and Harry being happy. I looked behind Nikki and saw Niall, Chloe and El and Louis. I saw Chloe scream and run up to me. We have a very close relationship. "Oh god! Your huge!" She smiled. I nodded and El ran up and gave me a hug. "Hey Beautiful." I giggled. "Hey." I then saw Louis and Niall talking to the boys. How the hell did they sneak past me? "Niall? Lou? Where's my hug?" They wouldn't turn around. I walked up to them and tapped Louis shoulder. "Cheeky ass this one." I giggled. "And Nialler? I thought you respected a lady more." He chuckled. "I do." "I didn't even get a Nialler hug!" I groaned and started walking back to the girls. I felt two arms go around my waist. I turned to see Niall. "You really didn't think that I forgot to give you a hug did you?" I giggled. "No." I put my arms around him and gave him a hug. We pulled out and Niall walked back with the boys. "Louis?" I said softly. He still didn't turn around. "El? Do I have permission to kick his ass?" I asked all sweetly. "Permission granted." She giggled. I walked up to Louis slowly. He started to chuckle and then out of no where ran. But not away from me. After me. The boys and girls were laughing. I was holding my stomach. "Mikaela?! I just want a hug!!!" He laughed. I giggled and continued running. "Your gonna give the baby brain damage if you fall." He chuckled. He was much faster then me. I stopped running and stood still. I watched as Louis tried to slow down but was unsuccessful. He fell over and started rolling down the hill. I laughed. That's what he gets for running way too fast. He stopped at the bottom. "Mikaela Maree!!!" He yelled. I sat and grabbed my stomach laughing too hard. He gave me a dirty look. I gulped and he started running up the hill once again. I stood up and ran back up to the boys. Finding it extremely difficult. He was hot on my tail. I laughed and ran into Liam's arms. Louis stood over me, out of breath. His height leaving him with a slight advantage. "I'm still getting that hug." He smirked. I poked my tongue out. He chuckled and picked me up. He held me around the waist and hugged me. "Admit defeat." I giggled. "Never." He started tickling me. "S-STOP!" I yelled. "Admit defeat!" He growled. "No." He tickled me again. "A-Alright! Al-Alright. You win!" He chuckled and kissed my cheek. "Thanks." I hugged him. He was the weirdest, funniest and most caring and sweetest guy all at the same time. 
We had just eaten lunch and I was laying on Liam's lap. I wasn't feeling great. I was playing with Liam's fingers that's he rested on my belly.  I suddenly got this stabbing pain in my stomach. I passed it off as nothing until it happened again. I sat up and grabbed my stomach. "Are you alright?" Liam asked. "Liam, she doesn't look so good. She's lost all color in her face." Louis said. I grabbed Liam's trousers as another ounce of pain shot through me. "I-It's time." I said in pain. I looked at Liam and he was frozen. All the boys were.  So were the girls. "IT'S TIME!" I yelled. They all snapped to attention and Liam and Louis helped me up. I was squeezing their hands. Harry was on the phone to the hospital. Niall was turning on the car and the girls and Zayn were packing the other cars. "Breath." Liam said trying to comfort me. I was in a lot of pain and didn't need to be comforted. A wave of anger washed over me. "WELL IM NOT GOING TO FUCKING STOP BREATHING AM I?" I yelled. Louis chuckled. "Over here!" Niall yelled. Harry was running after us on the phone with Liam's parents. "She's going in-" I suddenly felt warm liquid run down my leg. "Her water just broke." He said into the phone. We got into the car. I was in the back with Liam and Harry. He was now off the phone. I gripped their hands. "I HATE YOU!" I yelled at Liam. Louis was laughing. Trust him to laugh at a serious time. "YOU DID THIS TO ME!" I yelled. "Mikki, I know your in a lot of pain but I need you to calm down." Harry explained. "Sorry. I-FUCK!" I yelled. Pain filling my body. "I'm sorry, I'm going as fast as I can." Niall said. "Put on music." Liam said. I squeezed his hand. "Lou! Just do it." He snapped. They turned on the radio and I began to calm down. Music was my savior. "Take deep breaths." Liam said. I breathed in and out. "I-It hurts." I cried. Liam leaned his face against mine. "I know baby. Breath with me." I steadied my breathing. Pain washed through me. I cried. 
We arrived at the hospital shortly after. The boys raced me in. "She's in labour." Harry told the front desk. A wheelchair was brought out and only Liam could come for now. I was wheeled away holding Liam's hand tightly in mine. 
The room was plain and white. I was now laying in a bed still in pain while Liam was talking to the nurse. The nurse walked over to me. "Mrs Payne. You may be in labour for quite a few hours. Your contractions are far apart. I'm just going to let you stay here with your husband for a while. Your family can see you if they want." I nodded. "Thank you." Liam softly said. The nurse walked out. I looked over at him, the pain at ease for the moment. "Hey baby, you alright?" I asked as I saw tears fall from his eye. "Y-You were just in so much pain." I caressed his cheek. "The pains only going to get worse but it will all be worth it." I smiled. He grabbed my hand. "I don't really hate you Li, it was the pain talking. I love you so much." He kissed my hand. "I love you too." I smiled. "Liam, I want to see Harry first." He nodded and stood up. He walked over to the door. I laid still. What was I going to say? He is probably so worried. 
Liam came in with Harry following. "Hey Mikki." I giggled. "Hey Harry." "How you feeling?" He said as he rubbed my head. "You know, despite the contractions and needles and soon I'm going to have to push a watermelon through a lemon...I'm great." He chuckled. "You know it was the same hospital." I shook my head. "Mum, giving birth to you. I remember it." "Harry, you were 2" "yeah but I do." I giggled. "I remember dad holding her hand and telling her everything was going to be alright, then I remember me sitting over in the corner, terrified. Mum was all pale like you are. I cried when they wheeled her away. I thought she was going to die. But then when I first saw you. My heart skipped a beat. You were so cute and small. I swore to never let anything hurt you. This pain. It will all be worth it in the end. I promise. Once you see this baby." A tear streamed down my face. I pulled Harry down for a hug. "I love you Haz." "I love you too." I knew that after I said my hi, goodbye to the boys they would leave until they got that call. 
After saying goodbye to all the boys they left. Liam's parents were coming from Wolverhampton so they weren't here yet. Liam sat in the chair beside me. "Get some sleep." I said. He shook his head. "I'm not leaving you." I giggled "at least go get something to eat." He nodded. "Need anything?" He asked. "N-" a massive wave of pain washed over me. I grabbed my stomach. "A NURSE!" I yelled. He ran out into the hall and called for nurses. A nurse came rushing in. "We're ready." She smiled.  I grabbed Liam's hand. I was wheeled off into delivery room. Liam was on the phone to Harry. He put the phone in his pocket and gripped my hand tighter. "It's going to be okay baby." He said. I squeezed his hand. Was it? It had been my fear since day 1.
"Okay, I'm gonna need you to push on the count of 3." I nodded. "1....2....3!" I pushed as hard as I could. "Again. 1...2..3!" I pushed again. Liam kissed my forehead. "Your doing great." He said reassuringly. "One last time. 1...2...3!" I pushed. Suddenly a wash of relief washed over me. "Congratulations Mr and Mrs Payne. You have a baby girl." "You did it baby. It's Isla." Liam said. I smiled. They passed me Isla in the blanket. She looked at me with beautiful blue eyes.  "Oh my god. Harry was right. Hello angel." The nurse smiled. "So what's her name?" "Isla May Payne." Liam said. She smiled. "There's family outside waiting." She said softly and left. I looked up at Liam and he pecked my lips. "Want a hold?" I asked. He nodded and held Isla. I smiled and bit my lip as he looked into her eyes. "Hello baby girl. I'm your daddy."  I giggled. "You can go show her to Haz and that." I wasn't allowed to see my family till I was cleaned up. Liam walked out the door. 
Liam came back in holding Isla in his hands followed by a nurse. "I'll take Isla and get her cleaned up while you clean up. I nodded and Liam grabbed the bag of clothes and helped me up. I walked to the shower. Liam stood outside the shower with a towel. As I hopped out Liam wrapped the towel around my body. I got dressed and walked back out of the shower. I walked over to the nurse sitting in the bed. "Isla is in the observing area. You can go see her." I smiled and Liam started to walk out but I pulled him back. "Thank you." I said to the nurse. She smiled and we walked out in the hall. "They are all down at the observation area." I nodded. We walked down to see Isla. 
We arrived at the observation area and I saw everyone gathered around the glass. They didn't notice we walked out. "See Lou, she doesn't have brain damage." I giggled. They all turned and looked at me. All at once I was bombarded with hugs. I laughed. "Congratulations!" Everyone yelled. I pushed through the crowd holding Liam's hand. I stood at the glass, looking through at Isla. She was so cute. Liam out his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder. "Perfect." He whispered. I nodded. "Yeah she is." I turned and saw everyone looking at me. I prayed Liam's arms off my waist. I ran and hugged Harry. "You were right!" I said softly. He smiled. "She's gorgeous Mikki. You did good. You and Liam are going to be great parents." A tear streamed down my face. "Just imagine. In a few short years, you'll be called Uncle Harry." I looked at everyone else. "I love you guys." I said and they all came in and gave me a hug once again. 

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