Them and Us Forever

This is a story about a young girl group named Guardian Angels. And there are 5 girls named Natalee, Lili, Katie, Jennifer, and Victoria. And they get a chance of a life-time to work with the biggest boy band in the world, that they had no clue about, One Direction that consist of 5 boys. Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry never knew that they would meet this girl group. But little did they know that they would fall in love with them too.


3. The Meeting

~Guardian Angels' P.O.V

We when arrived at the studio, Simon, One Direction's manager, was waiting for us outside. Simon said, "Ah there you are Rick. Me and my clients were waiting for you all to arrived. Please come inside." As we walked in we saw One Direction sitting there waiting for us. "Oh I forgot,ladies my name is Simon." HE came around and shook all of our hands. "And these are my clients One Direction. This is Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis, and Zayn." They all shook our hands, waved, and smiled. When Rick and Simon left to the room to talk about plans, it became awkward in the room.

~One Direction's P.O.V

We all knew when they walked in that we were going to love going on tour with them. When we knew that we were going to talk to them and meet them in person we were all excited. "Why does the meeting have to be so early in the morning?" Liam asked looking at Louis. "Well its for the best. Maybe we'll be able to hang out with them the whole day!" Yelled Zayn with a big smile on his face. Well that's what we hoped. 

~Natalee's P.O.V

I noticed that the Harry kid kept looking at me. I didn't want to say anything but I nudged Katie on the thigh really hard. "OW!" She yelled and all the boys stopped and looked at her. She turned tomato red and all the girls began to laugh. I looked at the Harry and me and him made eye contact then he gave me a small smirk. Then my phone began to ring. "Excuse me. I must take this." "Who is it?" Lili whispered in my ear. "I don't know. Maybe its the boy I met in New York." I said with a smile. As I walked outside I answered the call. "Hello? Hey babe, I can't wait to see you. Oh Rob it is you! What do you mean I can't wait to see you? Turn around." He said and hanged up. Turn around? I thought in my head. "Oh!' And as I turned around Rob was standing there with 12 rose petals. "Oh my god! Baby I've missed you so much!" I ran up to him and kissed him on the lips. "Come inside, we are talking to One Direction's manager, Simon, to see if we can open for them! Isn't that great?!' I said with excitement. "Yeah babe.........that's uh great honey." He said nervously. I tried to ignore it as we walked in the studio. I noticed he was acting very weird, weirdly more than usual.

~Harry's P.O.V

That girl Natalee was beautiful. I hope she wasn't taken. But my hopes went down when I saw her walk in with another man holding hands. "Great. She taken for good." I said with a frown on my face looking at her. We made eye contact again and now she gave with a small smirk when she looked at me then she looked away. The man she was with noticed I was staring at her and he kept giving me evil looks. But I just hope he doesn't hurt that wonder beautiful girl. Then Simon and Rick came out shaking hands saying thank you to each other. "We have a very big announcement we have to say. Not only is Guardian Angles coming on tour with us, but we are collaborating with them too!" "YES!!!!" I yelled and starting doing a dance. Then when I realized that everyone was still in the room and watching me, I turned around and it all came to an awkward silence. Then they all bursted in laughter, even Rob, Rick, and Simon. I started to turn bright red as I saw Natalee laughing too. I sat back down as if nothing happened. Then the meeting was over and Rick said, "We are all going to meet here again tomorrow for the song writing but Simon and I decided not to be here to be distractions. Its just going to be you to bands in here. C'mon girls we have to go catch some rest for our performance tonight." They all said bye to us and Simon and walked out the door. But when that Lili girl stood up, she dropped something and then I saw Zayn put it his pocket. I think it was a Batman guitar pick.

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