Them and Us Forever

This is a story about a young girl group named Guardian Angels. And there are 5 girls named Natalee, Lili, Katie, Jennifer, and Victoria. And they get a chance of a life-time to work with the biggest boy band in the world, that they had no clue about, One Direction that consist of 5 boys. Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry never knew that they would meet this girl group. But little did they know that they would fall in love with them too.


5. Still Shaking......

~Katie's P.O.V

I couldn't believe that Rob would do something like that to Natalee. It didn't seem like the guy to do those kind of things. "Rob is spending 3 years in jail." Rick said. When I saw Natalee crying on the floor and Harry was trying to calm her by sitting there with her, i knew that they would make the perfect couple.

~Natalee's P.O.V

When I saw people escorting Rob out of the room, it broke my heart because I really loved him. But I guess that's how relationships go. I had my eyes all red when I looked into the mirror of the hotel. Then Harry walked in and said, "Are you okay Natalee? I hope you don't think I'm a weirdo or something." "No, I don't think your a weirdo." I said with a smile with a little laugh. I knew right then and there that me and Harry would be amazing friends. So, we decided to let what happened with Rob all go and went to go watch a movie.

~Lili's P.O.V

I was getting for my date with Zayn when I heard a knock on my bathroom door. "Hey are you excited?" Victoria said peeking her head in the room. "Yeah, when he asked me if i wanted to go get dinner with him, I was shaking. I couldn't believe it! What if he likes me?!?!" I said with excitement in my voice. "He probably does. Oh by the Lil's here's your date." She said with giving me a flirty smile and opened the door all the way. There was standing Zayn in a HAWT tuxedo and holding 1 white rose. "You look amazing Lili. Are you ready to go?" "Yes, I am." I answered. When we walked out the hotel fans and paparazzi mobbed us the fans started yelling, "OMG is that Zayn's new girlfriend?!?!" When I turned around to look at Zayn when one of the fans yelled that, he was smiling with his cheeks very red. I just turned around and smiled

~Zayn's P.O.V

When I heard a fan yelled that if Lili was my new girlfriend, I wasn't sure if I should ask her tonight to be my girlfriend. "No its too soon." I though in my mind. "I'll ask her on our 4th date when we know each other better." When we arrived at the restaurant, I didn't tell Lili I reserved a private little place that provided food and a romantic dance. When the kind lady showed us to the room, Lili was in shocked. She asked me, "Um what are we doing here? Aren't we supposed to eat outside?" "Nope surprise." I said sitting her down to eat. When we finished eating, the romantic music started to play and I started to think, "Ask her! Ask her to dance with me!" So, I finally said, "Um Lili, would you care for a dance?" "No not at all." She replied blushing. I went and took my hand out to her and she grabbed and we started dancing. When the song was about to end, I decided to made my move. I made our noses touch and then I went in for a kiss. We kissed until the song ended, then she said, "Wow! Thanks for the amazing kiss. But aren't you missing something?" "OMG be my girlfriend!!!" i though in my head. "Lili, I know we just met and all, but I was wondering if you would want to be my girlfriend?" "Yes Zayn, I would." Then we kissed again and we went back to the hotel holding hands.

~Victoria's, Katie's, and Jennifer's P.O.V 

"How come were the only ones single? We need to find our own men. I'm tired of boys thinking were there play toys." Said Katie with pride. When Louis, Niall, and Liam walked in to give advice when Liam noticed that all of them weren't there. "Where are Natalee and Lili? Oh never mind I remember now. Well we just came in here to know about our you guys been?" With that said, we all spent the whole night talking when Natalee, Harry, Zayn, and Lili walked in. "Well boys, I'm taken now." Zayn said smiling at Lili. "Congratulations!!" We all yelled. That's when we all had to say our goodbye's, Harry gave Natalee a hug and Zayn kissed Lili goodbye. That night was the most amazing night of all of our lives, and we know it.

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