Them and Us Forever

This is a story about a young girl group named Guardian Angels. And there are 5 girls named Natalee, Lili, Katie, Jennifer, and Victoria. And they get a chance of a life-time to work with the biggest boy band in the world, that they had no clue about, One Direction that consist of 5 boys. Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry never knew that they would meet this girl group. But little did they know that they would fall in love with them too.


2. One Direction?.......

~Guardian Angels' P.O.V

When we met up with management, Katie decided to the them about the idea of opening for another artist. They said that was a good idea! We all thought that they would hate the idea. But luckily, it all worked out. Management decided to call a few other artist's management and asked them if they didn't have an opening act. Most of them said yes, they already had an opening act. But the management had one more contact with the name of One Direction. When he called them the manager of One Direction was pleased to hear that there was another artist WANTING to open for them. As they went on talking about plans, we all decided to look them up because we had no clue who the heck the were. We looked information and pictures. Lili said, "Why a popular band like them want us to open for their headlining tour?" "Who knows......." Jennifer responded. When our manager got of the phone, we hid the laptop and acted like we were playing slide 5 way. He said, "Congratulations girls, you guys are opening for the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction." "Yay........." We moaned. "What's wrong? Aren't you girls happy? I certainly would be....if you know.....i was a girl." He joked. Natalee answered, "The reason we are like this is because we've never heard of this group.....EVER. We have no clue how they sound or talk. I guess were all nervous, right girls! Right!" We answered. "Zayn is kinda cute....." Lili said. "Harry is HAWT." Natalee said. "Well not as hawt as Louis!" Screamed Jennifer. "You guys are all wrong, Niall is the cutest!" Katie said with a little blush. "All of you are wrong! Liam is the HAWTEST!" Victoria said with joy. At this point we are dying on the floor laughing because of what we all said and because we thought that are manager was joking with us about going on tour with One Direction. "Um why are you guys still laughing?" Our manager said. "We all thought you were being serious about us opening for One Direction" Katie said wiping the tears from her face from all the laughing. "I am not joking I'M SERIOUS. Fine then don't believe me. We'll see whose laughing tomorrow." When he said that, we all froze in time. When he said tomorrow, did he mean that we were meeting them tomorrow???? We all asked him what was happening tomorrow. But he totally ignored us. Oh well, we'll find out tomorrow anyways.

~One Direction's P.O.V

When we heard Simon's, our manager, phone ring, Harry was tempted to answer it but decided not to. When Simon answered it, we all heard another man's voice. And then we all froze when Simon said, "Oh your Guardian Angel's manager? Nice to meet you. My name is Simon and yes, One Direction desperately needs an opening act for their headlining tour. WHAT?! Guardian Angels wants to be our opening act?! Well tell them the tour starts in a few months, and we would be extremely happy if they could open for us. Thank you so much Rick I'll see you in a few weeks!" When Simon hanged up, we all barged up to him and started asking them all these questions when we finally told us that Guardian Angels are opening for us on our headlining tour. "Them and Us are meeting tomorrow for a meeting and for Rick to sign some papers to confirm that they are opening for you guys." "Whose Rick?" asked Niall. "Rick is Guardian Angles' manager. Anyways its 12:30am and we all need some rest to wake up early in the morning to go to this meeting. Go get some rest and goodnight!" Simon said to us closing the door behind him. A few hours later, Liam decided to look out the door to see if Simon was awake. "Okay lads the close is clear." When Liam said that, all the lads shot up from the beds and Niall holding Simon's laptop. "Go look them up Niall. HURRY!!!!" We all said in a little whisper. As Niall looked up information and pictures, all of our jaws dropped when we realized that was the exact same girl group we saw a few nights ago at the New York hotel we stayed at being mobbed by fans and paparazzi. All of a sudden we all acted as if we were tired and went to sleep. But we all knew it was because we were way too excited to meet this girl group and their personalities.

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