Them and Us Forever

This is a story about a young girl group named Guardian Angels. And there are 5 girls named Natalee, Lili, Katie, Jennifer, and Victoria. And they get a chance of a life-time to work with the biggest boy band in the world, that they had no clue about, One Direction that consist of 5 boys. Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry never knew that they would meet this girl group. But little did they know that they would fall in love with them too.


6. Love for everyone

Katie's P.O.V

"Natalee! Pssssst.....Natalee.....NATALEE!!!" "AHHHHHH!" Natalee yelled falling off her bunk bed. "WHAT?!?!?!" "I think I like Niall. Like no joke." "My butt you like him, your just messing with me.......I know it." Read my lips I'M SERIOUS LEGIT. I LIKE NIALL." "Oh so your not kidding, well alright then." A few days later, after I told Natalee about Niall, she came into the door saying this, "Oh Katie.......I have a surprise for you." And with that said, Niall came in walking in asking if he could talk to me tomorrow night. I said yes. I was so nervous for tomorrow night, I started shaking.

Victoria's P.O.V

Whenever someone mentions the name Liam, I just smile and blush. That is when I decided to tell Lili about my feeling for Liam. "Lili, can I talk to you about something?" "Sure. What is it?? Is something wrong??" "No just I really like Liam. I don't know why but I just do. Whenever he laughs or smile, it just makes me happy." "Oh well I can fix that right away." After Lili said that, she walked out the room and didn't return for 3 hours. When she came back, she told me that Natalee got to surprise Katie with Niall and their going on a date tomorrow night! "Yay!......." I moaned. I wish something like that can happen to me. Then Lili said, "Oh here you go Tori." I couldn't believe my eyes! Liam, Niall, and Katie came in and then Liam said, "Victoria, I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me tomorrow night?" "Of course Liam, I would love to." "Oh don't worry we won't be alone. Niall and Katie will be there too. When Liam and Niall left, me and Katie started thinking we should go dress shopping after they left. And that is what we exactly did.

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