I'm Trapped.

this is a story about a girl named Victoria who has been in captivity for 2 years. Her story is told through her diary. If you have any suggestions,questions,or comments, please feel free to put them in the comment section!!! Thank you, and enjoy the book!!


1. March 28,2013

           Dear diary,


                Today on this exact date, is the day my childhood was taken away from me. I had done nothing wrong, it was just a normal school day. I was walking to school because I had missed the bus that day. My mother had walked me out. I said goodbye to her quickly, not knowing that it would be my last time seeing her for a while. I was almost at the school when I noticed my shoe was untied. I bent down to tie it, and I heard walking from behind me. I moved to the side of the sidewalk to let them through, but they weren't looking to get through. They grabbed my waist, and dragged me into their car. I was so scared and confused. I had only bent down to tie my shoe. If I hadn't tied my shoe, I wouldn't be here, in this place, right now.  I am sorry diary, I have to go. He is coming for his "daily relief." If he sees that I have kept a diary, he will surely punish me. Like being here isn't punishment enough.





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