Time. Right now, every person is growing older every second; they're bodies slowly deteriorating without them even noticing.
Time passes with no noise, no smell, no image.
It's just there.
What if time could be stopped?What would happen if one person, could control time like a dog on a leash?
Hi, my name is Xavier.


3. The Others

"You may delay, but time will not."

Benjamin Franklin

I led the human up the stairs of the Tower, climbing to the top if the building. There, the others were already gathered.

"Xavier, what's the meaning of this?" An angry voice shouted and echoed through the room. In the centre of the room stood a huge man, blond hair, blue eyes, big muscles, a lot of skin on show. That's Jordan. Also known as Light.

"How dare you bring a human here?!?" He shouted again, causing the pigeons outside to flutter in confusion, and the amount of sunlight touching the Earth to increase, causing a minor heatwave.

"I had no choice sparky. She could see me. She could see me." Light froze, almost as if I'd frozen him, but he was just shocked. No one had ever seen the Unseen before.

"That's impossible." A voice croaked from the corner, where the only patch of darkness in the room existed.

"I know what I saw Grim." I said, turning to glare at Death. He stood up, stepping out of the shadows. He had pale skin and dark, tight fitting clothes. His eyes were almost entirely black, and his hair hung around his face in greasy clumps.

"Death, Light, don't patronize Time. Out of all of us, he is the least likely to make this sort of mistake." A calm voice said from behind us. The human shivered as Wind glided past in a cold gust of air. Wind, also known as Elaine by the other Unseen, she insists on calling us by our true names.

She has silvery hair, with clear grey eyes that can see into your soul. She glided past me, trailing her hand along my arm. I shrugged out of her way, glaring at her as she giggled at my reaction.

"So, there is finally a human who can see the Unseen?" She said, turning to face the human girl, who stared at each one of us with fear. For some reason, she stepped closer to me; as if I would protect her. Wind drew closer to her, staring into her face and sifting her fingers through her hair before circling her, assessing her.

"That's what I said, Elaine." I purposefully used her given name to aggravate her, and was satisfied with the small glare she gave me before she drifted away from the human.

"Well, what shall we do? She's seen all of us now, no thanks to a certain someone." Jordan said, folding his huge arms across his voluminous chest.

I stepped forward, glaring at him and clenching my fists.

"What was I supposed to do? Let her start screaming and babbling about the person who stepped through people? I was in the middle of the underground Jordan. There were lots of people wasting me down there, and more of me would have been wasted if she opened her mouth." I growled, my teeth grinding together and my fists clenched tightly. I could feel the air around me slowing down, and could feel how my mood was effecting the humans of London; their steps taking minutes to fall back to the floor.

"Calm down Time. You're getting worked up again." A sleek voice mumbled from above us. I didn't need to glance upwards to know that it was Veronica; Darkness. She descended from the rafters slowly, as if floating, her black floor length dress billowing out before she softly landed on the floor. Her long dark hair was pulled up into a bun on her head, decorated with diamonds. She wore thick make-up, a human invention to improve a woman's face, though she didn't need it, she liked to anger Wind, who was modest, where Darkness was not.

She slinked across the room towards me like a cat, placing her hands on my shoulders before sliding them down my arms and smiling suggestively at me. I glared and clenched my fists tighter. She laughed at my expression, and kissed my cheek before I could jerk away from her.

The human stared at us, eyes wide as Wind grew angered and strong gusts of air caused Darkness's dress to dance in the room.

"Darkness, behave yourself." Wind blustered, trying to hide her agitation as Darkness laughed and slowly released me.

"The issue at hand is what to do with the human?" Jordan said, making every ones eyes focus on Amelia.

"I can deal with her." Grim said summoning his dog, Reaper, to appear at his side, the large wolf like creature drooling on the floor. I stepped in front of the human, crossing my arms.

"Put your pet away Grim. You know the rules; it's not her Time. You have no idea what I would do to you if I found you wasting me." I said darkly. The air in the room stilled, and the dog froze, the drool about to hit the floor suspended in mid air. The other Unseen glanced away from me.

Despite being the least seen of all of them, I was one of the most feared, for I could destroy everything they did and were with a single thought; freezing Light, Darkness, Wind, Death, it was easy for me. I could destroy them if it took my fancy, and they knew it.

Grim grumbled under his breath as he sent Reaper away back to his kennel and sat in the corner squishing flies to satisfy his blood lust.

"You said you were going to kill me." The human said from behind me, swallowing and licking her lips. I stared down at her.

"I can. But I hate being wasted." I said, before facing the others.

"Well well well, Time. You seem to like the human enough, you deal with her." Light said, grinning at me with narrowed eyes.

"That's fine with me." Darkness said, stepping forwards to stroke my cheek before beginning to ascend in to the air.

"It's too light here for me, sorry Jordan dear. Good luck with the human Xavier." She said, disappearing through the roof.

"Well, it's decided. Excuse me; I have a gale to make in the Bahamas!" Wind said smiling at me before flying out of the room.

"Thanks a lot, Jordan." I said, staring coldly at him.

"Hey, you've slowed down my whole day today. You don't have to catch up with yourself Xavier; maybe you should think about the rest of us next time you want to stop the world, huh? It's hard for us to keep up with you sometimes Time. You need to sort this out yourself." He said, dissolving in to the air. I slammed my fist in to the wall, punching a hole through the wood. I pulled my hand out and reversed time at that point, fixing the wall before hitting it again and again.

Grim cackled from the corner as my blood hit the floor. I faced him, growling deep in my throat, stopping him mid laugh.

He scuttled away  into the corner before smirking and slipping away to go kill something.

"So... what are you going to do to me?" The human asked, crossing her arms across her chest and shoving her chin in the air.

"How should I know human?"

"Don't other people see you then?" She asked, raising her eyebrows.

"No, they don't. You are the only one to have seen us. We are the Unseen for a reason human. Never have been seen, and are not supposed to be seen." I said, pacing across the floor, my mind working swiftly, thinking of a solution. At this moment, the girl was interfering with the time continuum. Only her soul was here. Her body was still on the train, frozen in time so she would not age. 

Her being here was consuming my energy, as I was stopping her soul from springing back in to her body like a charged up elastic band. The impact would most likely kill her.

I sighed. Humans are such fragile beings. 

"Well, what are you going to do then?" She asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

"Quiet human, I'm thinking," I snapped.

"Okay, quit with the human business, my name's Amelia. Use it." I spun to stare at the girl and stood in front of her, my face inches away from hers.

"I could kill you right now, human." 

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