Time. Right now, every person is growing older every second; they're bodies slowly deteriorating without them even noticing.
Time passes with no noise, no smell, no image.
It's just there.
What if time could be stopped?What would happen if one person, could control time like a dog on a leash?
Hi, my name is Xavier.


2. The Human

"Time is what we want most, but use worst."

William Penn

I stood between a business man in a clean cut black pin stripped suit, and what young people now call a "chav". Both were on their mobiles, texting some other human.

I do not understand this obsession with a box with numbers on it.

It's a waste of time; of me.

While they sit there, typing away in to a piece of plastic with metal bits and pieces in it, people over the world are dying for they have run out of Time; I have no control over their deaths, that's Grim's job.

But these people do not realize how little time they have on this planet; how quickly their lives pass me by.

I slowly turn my head, staring at each passengers face, wondering how much of me they will waste today?

It has already started; there are university students with essays due in, sitting there playing games on their laptops; business men phoning people desperately trying to reschedule a meeting they've missed.

I am wasted on these people.

No one sees how much of me crumbles away like dust from their fingers; sand falling through an hour glass, grain by grain draining away.

Suddenly, I see a human girl, sitting upright in a tatty train seat, staring in my direction, straight in to my eyes.

I stare at her, straight in her emerald green eyes which have a puzzled look about them. I frown and step forwards, walking through a person stood in front of me. I notice her gasp and blink rapidly.

I freeze. For the first time in centuries, I freeze myself.

This girl; this insignificant human can see me, Time itself.

I quickly unfroze, everything around me, my eyes glued to the girl.

She was something new; someone not normal. She can see me, the embodiment of Time, something unseen by all for millenia. 

What was she?

I moved forwards, walking through the people, my eyes glued to hers as they widened with each step I took through another human, until I reached her side and stood staring down at her auburn hair. 

Her head lifted slowly, till her eyes looked into mine, filled with a mixture of fear and curiosity.

I paused time around myself and the human. The endless babble of noise ceased; the train froze in its tracks, people stopped midway conversation, a baby's screams had been cut off, and a woman's tear which had begun the journey of falling form her cheek stopped in place.

The humans breathing echoed loudly in the absolute silence.

I swallowed, trying to wet my throat as I opened my mouth to speak, for the first time in my existence, I was to be heard.

"Who are you?" I asked, my voice sounding as rough as if I'd been gargling nails. The human sat immobile, staring up at me in shock.

"Answer me human. Who are you and how can you see me?" My voice was stronger this time, and forced her out of her daze.

"My name's Amelia Warren. Whats going on-" Her voice trailed off, as she stared around the carriage at the people frozen in time; frozen in me.

"How can you see me?" I hissed, towering above the female as she flinched back into the seat.

"I don't know! Back off! Who are you anyway?" She said, her voice gradually getting louder as her panic grew inside her.

"I am Time. The thing you creatures fritter away like something you can get back for free. Now, Amelia Warren, you must die."

I stared down at the girl as her eyes narrowed up at me. I could literally see the calculations she was making to escape me; she would try and reach for her bag, and shout out to someone for help.

I crossed my arms across my chest, frowning down at her futile efforts to defeat me; the unbeatable.

"It's no use girl. Just come with me." I said, grabbing her slim wrist in my hand and unfreezing time. As soon as the people began to move again, she screamed out for help.

"Please be quiet." I sighed, pulling her with me through a mother calming her baby in a push chair. At this, she became silent and followed limply, still in wonderment about how she passed through something.

I sometimes wonder how humans can cope with such heavy bodies, unable to walk through things and people. Life is so much easier when you can.

I tugged at the girls arm, pulling her through the wall of the train, and on to the platform as the train sped away.

"No one can see you, no one can hear you. There is no use running from me, I can stop you with a single thought, so don't even bother." I told her, releasing her arm and walking towards the steps that led out of the underground.

"Follow me. Now." I called back to her, my hands in my pockets as I strolled out of the underground, ignoring the huge amount of people pushing their way through me. I glanced back to see the girl trying to create a space between her and every human which passed, but it was not possible. They walked straight through her, like they did me.

"The quicker you follow me the sooner we can get this over with." I called out to her, ignoring the cold glare she shot my way. I watched as she closed her eyes tight shut and ran forwards, through the masses of humans walking against her incorporeal body. She only opened her eyes when she reached me.

"Even now you're wasting me." I sighed, quickly walking away down the crowded street.

"What have you DONE TO ME??!!??" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

I froze the people around us and turned to face her. She was knelt on the floor, staring down at her hands as tears snaked off her face. I sighed, running a hand through my hair as I glared at the pathetic human.

"Stop whining and follow me girl. You're wasting me, which I do not appreciate in the slightest. Now hurry up." I told her, giving her the menacing look I had created after watching generations of humans throw me around like a used toy.

She slowly stood and walked towards me, clenching her jaw tight as I led her through the bustling streets of London, towards the Tower. The meeting place of the Unseen.

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