Time. Right now, every person is growing older every second; they're bodies slowly deteriorating without them even noticing.
Time passes with no noise, no smell, no image.
It's just there.
What if time could be stopped?What would happen if one person, could control time like a dog on a leash?
Hi, my name is Xavier.


1. My Name Is...

"Lost time is never found again."

Benjamin Franklin

Time is an illusion. It's merciless and cold. Something no one can stop, control or prevent from passing.

Except me.

Hi, my name is Xavier.

I control Time.

I can make it stop, start, rewind, fast forward; anything i want. 

All I have to do, is click my fingers, and the whole world is at my command.

I don't have to freeze everything though. I can control what I freeze; I can stop water from falling to the earth, I can stop a fly from moving its wings. I can do anything I desire.

And no one can stop me.

For I am Time.

Something intangible. No one can see me, feel me, smell me or speak to me.

I am alone in a world full of people.

Ignorant, stupid people who believe Time is merely something they can slap around they're wrists and count with a twisty hand and some cogs in a metal casing.

How little they know that I exist as an embodied being, watching over their petty day to day lives. Mocking how they chase after me, running on and off buses, trains, planes; running to catch up to me, yet not seeing me laugh at their futile efforts. For once I'm gone, it's too late.

Sometimes I just stand among all of these petty humans on their underground trains, dressed up for work, glancing at their watches, trying to keep up with me. I just watch, and listen, and see.

For I can slow down to wait for them, but where's the fun in that?

I've done it before, and all they do is decide to idle away the spare time I have given them, and leave their work till last minute, when they have to rush again.

I have given up. 

I run faster than normal just to ensure that these humans decide to do something instead of laze about frittering me away like some common thing to be wasted.

Not many people realize I am precious; a gift. Something you cannot live without.

I must dash; mustn't miss the morning train. I get my most entertainment there during the morning dash. I wonder how late they will be today?

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