short time love

me and my friends go on a trip to london, england for a class trip and an unexpecting love happens in our life as we go to london we end up at paris! How did that happen?


1. On Our Way

hey! my name is julie, and me and my friends: maegan, tessa, and stacie are goin to london, england for class trip, and we are so excited! but we only get to stay there for a week so its not a long time, but were gonna enjoy it! also we have to get up at 4 in the morning so we can catch our flight, and i am not a morning person, AT ALL!!! but anyways gotta get some sleep

next morning

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! "julie get up!!' my mom yells. ok ok ok im getting up. 5 minutes later. "your already ready?' mom said. yeah! it only takes me 5 minutes. DUHH! ok well eat ur breakfast. uhhh mom im not hungry! trust me youll be hungry later so you better eat now. ok! fine but i m not gonna enjoy it! haha ok. "car honks horn" well bye mum. love you. love you to. girl are you ready? maegan said. its gonna be awesome! tessa said. i dont wanna go on that plane!!!! stacie said. why? cause they get too far off the ground! i dont like that. wow stacie! girls yall are late. i almost left yall! ms. monroe said. well were sorry ms. monroe. ok whatever lets just go. i cant wait to get out of here. LONDON HERE WE COME!

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