The Last Hour

I am Sara....Marika. It is getting harder and harder to remember. I have been held captive by Jason and Jessica for two years. They are scientists who have been using me as their guinea pig test subject. But it seems that I have outlasted my usefulness and am now dying. They have injected me with their new virus that allows me to life for twenty-four more hours. Maybe I will be able to see my family one last time.


1. The End

Hospitals, that is where I was born, it's where I began. Fitting how that is where I am going to end. The same hospital, and the same room from what my mother said. My mother, it is strange to think that I,, I think. Yes, Marika, I am positive. It is strange to think that I, Sara Marika can look over to the left of me and see my mother. She looks exactly like me. We both are tall, and lean, her more than me. We both have long black hair as dark as night  and bright ocean blue eyes, a straight nose and full lips. The difference between us is that where is tanned and of healthy weight  I am pale and under weight from the two years that I was held captive by Jason and Jessica. Those are two names that I am never going to forget, even though I have very little time left. 

I sigh and look to my left, sending a stabbing pain through my light head. My mother notices me and exclaims "Sweetie! Are you alright?" 

I answer, with tears in my eyes, "I've missed you mom," I look at her face, the face that was in my dreams every night. I thought that I was never going to see her again, that I was going to die without being able to say 'I love you'  one last time before this virus killed me.

"I've missed you too sweetie." She says with tears streaming down her face. "The police said that you were most likely dead and that we should move on and grieve your loss. But I wouldn't give up hope, I couldn't." I think that she was going to say something else but she gets too choked up by tears.

I take a deep breath and ask my mother, "What time is it?" 

She wipes her eyes and glances down at her slim wrist, upon which is her plain black watch with a white face. "It's 7:00 a.m.," She says then asks, "why?" One hour. Why am I so calm about this? Shouldn't I be freaking out? Screaming about how life isn't fair and why did this happen to me? Why can't I muster up more sadness at the fact that I was held captive for two years by lunatics? If someone else was in my position wouldn't they be screaming and crying and freaking out? 

I feel a slight tickle in the back of my throat and cough. I cough so much it feels like I am hacking up a lung. When I finish coughing I look up and survey my mothers face and find an expression of pure terror coming from her. I follow her gaze to my chest and gasp. It's covered in blood. My blood, presumably, from my coughing fit. 

My mother jumps up from the melted milk chocolate colored plush chair she was sitting in and runs to the door. "I need a doctor!" She screams, her voice cracking in the middle of the sentence. I look down at my chest shocked and light headed. I don't get it, why did they even make this virus? Are they planing on killing the entire earth? 

A team of doctors, dressed in all white burst in the room and gasp at the sight of me, then stop dead in their tracks. The first one to recover their senses was a short blonde, about four feet ten inches with dark skin. She shoulders past the other doctors, who are frozen in their place, and rushes over to me.

"Are you alright?" She asks, concern swirling in her dark brown eyes. "What happened?"

"I'm sick." Is all I manage to say. 

My mother runs over to my bed side and takes my hand, sending a shooting pain up my arm. "I wasn't going to push you but, can you tell us how this happened?" She says with a soothing voice. I really wish that I didn't have to leave her right after I got her back.

I clear my throat  "I was injected with a virus," I start and look around the room at the doctors, who are still staring at me. "I am going to die in one hour."

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