The Last Hour

I am Sara....Marika. It is getting harder and harder to remember. I have been held captive by Jason and Jessica for two years. They are scientists who have been using me as their guinea pig test subject. But it seems that I have outlasted my usefulness and am now dying. They have injected me with their new virus that allows me to life for twenty-four more hours. Maybe I will be able to see my family one last time.


2. My Story

It all began two years ago. I was fourteen at the time and was walking down the dark grey marbled hallway of my parents work. It was eight o'clock and the sun had just set causing the hallway to be dark because there were only two flickering lights in the hallway. I had just turned left, on my way to surprise my mom and dad while they were at work with some burgers, when I saw Jason and Jessica. Jason had wide, muscled shoulders,  pale skin that was almost sickly and light dirty blonde hair. Jessica was a bit taller than Jason, she was five feet, eight inches tall, slightly over weight and had dark skin. When I saw them that day I just didn't like them because my parents told me that they did a lot of experiments that most scientists would say are crazy or that they shouldn't even try it. All this passed through my brain in a matter of seconds as I kept walking, I didn't even notice the fact that Jason was staring right at me, I just looked down and hoped that they wouldn't bother me. I was wrong.

 I was about to pass them, brown paper bag in hand, filled with cheese burgers, I was almost home free when Jason kicked me in the temple, knocking me unconscious. The last thing I heard, during my war with unconsciousness was Jason saying, presumably to Jessica, "Grab the bag, we don't want it to look suspicious!" 


When I woke up I had a splitting headache and the floor underneath me was rumbling and felt like it was moving. I moaned and tried to sit up, wondering where my mother was taking me.

Then I heard Jason snarl, "Sedate her again, we're not there yet!" My eyes flew open and I saw that I was in the back of an old car, judging by the ripped black vinyl seats I was lying down on.  I tried to struggle, I really did, but I was in that foggy place where you are half awake and half asleep so your muscles don't respond the way you want them to. The next thing that registered was Jessica on top of me, pinning my hands above my head with one hand, and a very pointy needle in the other hand, filled with murky liquid. Then I really struggled but to no avail because she was stronger than me. When I saw her bring the needle to my right arm I stopped dead thinking that maybe she wouldn't do it if I stopped struggling. I was wrong, again. I felt a sharp prick in the crook of my right arm and seconds later I fell unconscious again. 

The next time I came to I was in a small concrete room lying on a very uncomfortable bed, my shoulders aching and my arms above my head. I tried to bring them close to my body but there was resistance. I tried to see what had my hands stuck but I couldn't bend my head that way with my arms stuck. I then tried to sit up so that my arms wouldn't be at such an  awkward angle but something was holding my legs down. I looked down to my legs and saw that they were tied to wooden bed posts with thick brown and that I was lying on a thin mattress, the kind you find on cheap futons.

I sighed. How original. Kidnap the girl and tie her to a bed. I had to take it as a joke because the only other option was to freak out which would not get me anywhere and would only attract attention. I looked around the room I was stuck in and gathered information. It wasn't very well lit, there were no lights and had high ceilings with windows small windows lining the top. Too small for me to fit through. Damn. There was one door in the right corner that was  furthest away from where I lay. From what I could tell it had the kind of lock that would only open with an old key, too sturdy to be picked with a fingernail. Double damn. I looked to the left and found a wall meaning my bed was in a corner that, even though it wasn't very far from the door, ten feet maybe, it meant that unless I could get out of these bonds, I was stuck here. Taking another survey of the concrete room I was in I determined two things. One, any sound I made above quiet sobbing and talking to myself was going to echo very loudly and two, there was no other furniture in the room.

I heard footsteps outside of the door and decided that it would be best if they thought I was still unconscious because maybe that way they would just leave and comeback later. Allowing me time to formulate a way to escape. I heard keys jangling outside the door and then a click signifying that the door was unlocked. I closed my eyes and slowed my breathing to that of a person who is sleeping.I heard the door open, setting my heart racing, hoping that they would just leave when they saw that I was "sleeping". And of course, I was wrong, which seemed on par with me lately. 

I heard two sets of footsteps walking towards me and my heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest any minute now. The footsteps drew closer then stopped a few feet away from what I could tell. They just stood there for awhile. I had counted sixty seconds in my head before I heard Jessica say, 

"Still unconscious. I think it was time she returned to us. Jason,  wake her up." I felt a lash of white hot pain on my cheek and gasped, opening my eyes . When my eyes focused I saw Jason's ugly mold green eyes looking down on me with satisfaction. Like I deserved to be slapped. Well I hate you too, Jason. 

I looked over to Jessica and found that she was wearing a mask of triumph, probably at the fact that I my cheek was throbbing and was most likely going to have a nasty looking bruise. I somehow mustered up a glare at the two horrible people looking at me, changing Jessica's mask of triumph turn to one of anger. She then bent down, looked into my eyes and slapped me again, harder than Jason did, bringing tears to my eyes. Triumph returned to her eyes. Note to self, don't glare at Jessica.

"I'm sure you are wondering why I slapped you," She began, standing straight again.

"Yeah, that's the top question on my list of questions." I interrupted sarcastically and rolled my eyes. She glared at me again then nodded to Jason who took that as a signal to punch me in the stomach, winding me, making me wheeze. I guess I know who's in charge. I thought to myself.

"I slapped you because you disrespected me." She continued as if she hadn't just gotten her minion to punch me. "Perhaps you should learn from your mistakes. Don't disrespect your betters, that means Jason and I. You are not to speak unless spoken to, understood?" She asked. I wasn't sure if she actually wanted me to answer or if she was just trying to make a point. She nodded to Jason again who punched me in the stomach again, harder this time. I guess that answers that question. "Do you lack common sense little girl? You are to answer me when I ask you a question.

"The reason you are here is because we need a test subject and who better than the only child of our nemesis"  Nemesis, really? Are you a comic book villain? I thought to myself smugly. "Your disappearance is going to devastate them greatly." She said explaining herself like a comic book villain while Jason stood beside her, ugly eyes filled with satisfaction. "You are our test subject little girl, and you are stuck here. It would be best if you learned some respect." She said and nodded to Jason, I readied myself for he punch but instead he walked out of the room.

For a good, long minute I was laying on the bed while Jessica surveyed me like the scientist she was. When Jason got back he was carrying a tray that had a sandwich, some baby carrots, and a glass of orange juice on it. At first I thought that he and Jessica were going to eat this in-front of me just to be mean but, surprising me he set it down on my stomach. Then he leaned over me to untie my left arm, then the right one. 

"Don't get any smart ideas Sara, try to escape and you will pay dearly for it, try to hurt us and you will pay dearly for it." Jessica said. I nodded and sat up. I rubbed my hands, bringing feeling back to them, then started to eat. 

I was halfway through my sandwich when a thought occurred to me. Why are they feeding me so well? Is the sandwich poisoned? I looked over to Jessica. "May I ask a benign question?" I asked, remembering my manners but mostly not wanting to get punched again. She sighed and said yes. "Why are you feeding me so well?" 

She laughed at me then said, "We don't want you to die on us during our experiments after we went through all this trouble to get you." They watched me while I ate. As soon as I was done Jason led me to a bathroom right outside the door to my prison looking cell. When I was done in the windowless bathroom he led me back to my cell and tied me to the bed again. I am pretty sure there was some sleeping drug in my food because I was too tired to fight by the time I got back to the horrid bed, marking the end of my first day in hell. 


Over the next two years I tried to escape three times. After each time they almost starved me to death, and beat me, so I stopped trying to escape. They fed me less and less as their experiments kept failing, as if it was my fault they weren't successful. They ran all kinds of awful tests and experiments, sometimes I couldn't even tell what was real and what wasn't. This cycle kept going until the day they decided I had outlasted my usefulness and decided to test a new virus on me. A virus that would kill me twenty-four hours after it was injected into my bloodstream. 

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