My Best Friend.....Zayn Malik?

"TORI!" Zayn shouts to me from downstairs.
"WHAT?" I shout back.
"HELP ME COOK" Not again! I didn't go so well last time. Oh well. I mean YOLO right? Lol no. But how bad could it be this time? I ran downstairs. I went into the kitchen to find no one there. And it was quiet. Too quiet. Zayn came out from behind the fridge and dumped a handful of flower on my head. Oh hell naw! This means war!

Victoria Romero. Normal 19 year-old girl right? Wrong. Victoria is THE Zayn Malik's best friend. Your probably thinkin'... OH MY GOD! SHE'S ZAYN MALIK'S BEST FRIEND! LUCKY BITCH! Yeah.. well not really. She goes through a lot for being his best friend. The hate, the rumors, the LOVE. That's right, the LOVE! Victoria LOVES Zayn, BUT also LOVES Harry. Theres fights, arguements, break ups. Just because 1 girl LOVES 2 boys and 2 boys LOVE 1 girl. You just have to see how this girl, Victoria, lives life as Zayn Malik's best friend.


2. New Girlfriend

~Victoria's POV~

A strong beam of sunlight coming through my window awoke me.  Today's a new day! I walked over to my piano. I mostly always sing when i wake up. Don't judge me. Singing is my passion. I started singing 'Wings' by Little Mix.

"Mama told me not to waste my life she said spread your wings my little butterfly don't let what they say keep you up at night and if they give you shh, then they can walk on by!'

~skip rest of song~

*knock knock*

"Come in!" The door opened to reveal Zayn. "Good mornin'" I smile.

"Hey! Were you just singing 'Wings' by Little Mix?" I nod. "Well, i think Perrie , the blonde, is hot!"  My heart shattered. He just said he thinks Perrie is hot! Can i just die now? I'm pretty sure he's going to hook up with her. Whether he has feelings for her or not, it's going to happen.

"Good for  you Zayn" A weak smile was plastered on my face. 

"I'm seeing her today at Nandos." I was right! They are going to hook up! I felt like bursting into tears. NO! I need to stay strong! I have Harry. Hopefully. 

"I need to shower. Now get out!" My voice sounded a bit angry. Well, why wouldn't i be? That Perrie girl is getting in the way!  And Zayn at least likes her and WILL get her. 

"Whoah! Okay! Breakfast is downstairs!"

"Yeah, whatever." I close the door. I start sobbing quietly so Zayn wouldn't hear me. I slid down the door and pulled my knees to my chest. Why? Why did he have to see Perrie?

~Zayn's POV~

That was weird. Why would Victoria act like that? I love her and all, but i'm pretty sure she loves Harry. That's why I'm moving on. But even though i move on my feelings for her won't stop growing. 

"I'm going to Nandos to see Perrie. Victoria's getting ready for the day. She'll be down in a bit for breakfast. BYE!" I close the door behind me and run to my car. I started the engine and drove to Nandos.


"Zayn! Hi!" Perrie says hugging me.

"Hello beautiful!" She started blushing and i smirked. We took a seat and ordered some coffee. 

"So are you free saturday night?" I ask.

"Yeah why?"

"I was thinking we could go to the club. You know us and my friends. "

"That would be lovely!" I smile and nod. "You know, Zayn, i really like you." 

"I like you too Perrie." She leans over and presses her lips against mine. I didn't feel sparks. Nothing. Whatever. I want her. She pulls back and smiles. "Perrie, would you like to be my girlfriend?" I blurt out without even thinking. She quickly nods and kisses me once again. I have a girlfriend now! Yay?

~Perrie's POV~

Finally! I don't like Zayn and i NEVER will. Management said me and the girls needed more fans and attention. They said if i date a "world" sensation that would help. So i went for it. And here Zayn Malik , from One Direction, is a "world" sensation. The WHOLE band is a "world" sensation. I could've dated any of them, but they were taken except for Zayn and Harry. So i went for Zayn because he's the cutest. Then Harry. Oh this is going to be easy. Zayn actually "likes" me. Pssst!. Yeah whatever. I don't like him.

~Victoria's POV~

I am currently standing on my mom's porch. i'm going to try and work things out. I knocked on the door. The door opened and there stood my mom.

"Hi." I smile sheepishly and wave.

"Why are you here?"

"Mom! Are you still mad? I've only been living with Zayn for a day and i love it!"

"Are you sure? Cause you were crying." She places her left arm on her hip.


"Victoria, i know you were crying! I'm your mother! Now tell me why."

"Ok. Z-Zayn likes this girl named Perrie!" I stutter. I hugged her and started sobbing on her shoulder.

"Awww! It's ok sweetheart!" She says rubbing circles on my back.

"No it's not mom. I LOVE Zayn." I cry.

"But you also LOVE Harry and he's single." I know what you're thinking. How does she know that? There's nothing wrong on telling your mom who you like, or love.

"Yeah but................but i LOVE Zayn more."

"I'm pretty sure he'll realize his feelings for you soon Tor Tor." I guess we worked things out?


Hey guys! Sorry for not updating for like 5 days! sorry! Hope this chapter make it up! Love you guys! Oh and i found the first few parts of my first fan fic! :D YAY! I will be posting it maybe sometime next week or tomorrow! :)

~BriBri xoxox

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