My Best Friend.....Zayn Malik?

"TORI!" Zayn shouts to me from downstairs.
"WHAT?" I shout back.
"HELP ME COOK" Not again! I didn't go so well last time. Oh well. I mean YOLO right? Lol no. But how bad could it be this time? I ran downstairs. I went into the kitchen to find no one there. And it was quiet. Too quiet. Zayn came out from behind the fridge and dumped a handful of flower on my head. Oh hell naw! This means war!

Victoria Romero. Normal 19 year-old girl right? Wrong. Victoria is THE Zayn Malik's best friend. Your probably thinkin'... OH MY GOD! SHE'S ZAYN MALIK'S BEST FRIEND! LUCKY BITCH! Yeah.. well not really. She goes through a lot for being his best friend. The hate, the rumors, the LOVE. That's right, the LOVE! Victoria LOVES Zayn, BUT also LOVES Harry. Theres fights, arguements, break ups. Just because 1 girl LOVES 2 boys and 2 boys LOVE 1 girl. You just have to see how this girl, Victoria, lives life as Zayn Malik's best friend.


3. New Boyfriend

~Harry's POV~

Victoria looked so beautiful today. She looks beautiful all the time!!! Right now, we're all, except for Victoria,  watching 'Wreck It Ralph'. Zayn and Perrie announced that they were an official couple! Ever since then Victoria ran upstairs. I should go check on her. She's been up there for a LONG  time. I started walking uo the stairs. "Where are you going?" Zayn asked; his voice a bit angry. "To check on Victoria, since you won't!" I snarl at him. I roll my eyes at him before going to Victoria's room. 

*Knock Knock*

I heard some sniffling and shuffling before the door opened. "Oh hi Harry." Victoria gave me a weak smile. Her cheeks wear stained with tears; her eyes were red and puffy. Just a few minutes ago........or hour.........  her hair was perfect. Now it's ll a mess. It looks like a rat nest. "Hey Tori. You okay?" "Yeah I'm jolly!" She replied. No. No your not Tori. I have to talk to her. "May i come in?" She nodded an opened the door wider. I stepped in and took a seat at the end of her mattress. She sat next to me and looked at her feet. " What's wrong?" She just shook her head. I lifted her chin up with my index finger . " Look you know that Zayn's not worth it and you can be stronger. Yeah, he's with Perrie so what? Don't let that stop you from living life. There's plenty of guys out there who will love you. Like me."

"Y-you love me?"

"Let me prove it." I smashed my lips against hers. They moved perfectly together. They were like puzzle pieces finally solved. I pulled back and smiled. "I love you Tori." I hug her tightly. I love you too Harry." She whispered into the crook of my neck.  

"You want to make us an OFFICIAL  couple?" She nods and i smile. "Then let me ask you like  a gentlemen. " I got on one knee and held my hand out." Victoria Anne Romero, would you take the honor to be my OFFICIAL girlfriend." 

"Of course i do!" She took my hand and pecked me on the cheek. 

"I love you don't forget that." I whispered in her ear. "Now get ready. I'm taking you out."

"But Harry it's only 5:00!"

"I know. Just get ready c'mon. I'll meet you downstairs. I kissed her cheek before going downstairs. 

~Victoria's POV~

Oh my god! I'm Harry's girlfriend!!!! I love him so much! Maybe even more than Zayn. I just need to get over him.

. He's not worth it. Yeah, he's my best friend, but that's all he'll ever be. I hopped into the shower, since I look like a mess. I washed my hair with green apples scented  soap. I scrubbed myself with strawberry scented soap. I rinsed myself off and stepped out. 

For my outfit, I chose black skinny-jeans and my 'MCR' shirt. Oh yeah, my favorite band is 'My Chemical Romance', even though they broke up, I still support them. I slipped some socks on and my favorite black leather boots, no studs. I blow-dried my hair and lightly curled it. Last details; my leather jacket and applied some light makeup. Then I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs.

~Zayn's POV~

Victoria finally came downstairs. A little dress up, but either way she looked beautiful. But where was she going?

"Harry, I'm ready." She smiles. She's what?!

"Great! We're going on a date. We'll be back like around ten or earlier." Harry explains. Everyone's jaw dropped. Except Perrie's, she still didn't seem to care. 

"Since when have you two started dating?" Louis questioned raising his eyebrow.

"Yeah, just a few hours ago you two were just friends." Liam states. Niall just kept on munching on his crips'.

"Since this evening, we confessed we love each other and I asked her too be my girlfriend." Harry smiles. My heart broke. Se loves Harry. I felt like chocking the life out of him. I just need to control myself, I have Perrie.   

"I'm happy for two." I managed to choke out.

"Uh...yeah. Bye now." Harry grabs Victoria's  hand and they walk out. How rude.

~Victoria's POV~ 

Harry took me too Nando's for dinner. He said it wasn't the end of the date. Hm... I wonder what else? Our food arrived and we dug in. We finished and, like a gentlemen, Harry paid. 

"C'mon. Lets go." I grab his hand and we walk out. We were roaming in the streets of London, admiring everything. We kept walking for about ten minutes.

"Harreh! I'm tiried!" I whine.

"Oh c'mon love! We're just a few blocks away!" 

"Carry me!" I beg. To convince Harry, I made a little girl voice.

"Oh alright!" 

"Yay!" Harry slung me over his shoulder and continued walking. "This is fun." I say.

"Yeah, staring at your ass is very fun." I could feel Harry smirking.

"Ew Harry! Dot stare at my ass!" 

"I gotta say, it's pretty nice." 

"Harreh!" I pound on his back.

"Woah! Calm down! We're here." Harry puts me down and then I see it. The park we meet at. The park Zayn introduced me too Harry. Then the tree we both used to sit under and talk about random stuff. Harry was like my new bestfriend.

But now he's more.


*A/N  Sorry xxLiamsTurtlexx hasn't updated! We apologize! Thanks for reading! This story is about me so thanks for liking and favoriting



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