My Best Friend.....Zayn Malik?

"TORI!" Zayn shouts to me from downstairs.
"WHAT?" I shout back.
"HELP ME COOK" Not again! I didn't go so well last time. Oh well. I mean YOLO right? Lol no. But how bad could it be this time? I ran downstairs. I went into the kitchen to find no one there. And it was quiet. Too quiet. Zayn came out from behind the fridge and dumped a handful of flower on my head. Oh hell naw! This means war!

Victoria Romero. Normal 19 year-old girl right? Wrong. Victoria is THE Zayn Malik's best friend. Your probably thinkin'... OH MY GOD! SHE'S ZAYN MALIK'S BEST FRIEND! LUCKY BITCH! Yeah.. well not really. She goes through a lot for being his best friend. The hate, the rumors, the LOVE. That's right, the LOVE! Victoria LOVES Zayn, BUT also LOVES Harry. Theres fights, arguements, break ups. Just because 1 girl LOVES 2 boys and 2 boys LOVE 1 girl. You just have to see how this girl, Victoria, lives life as Zayn Malik's best friend.



~Victoria's P.O.V~

"Mom.......I'm moving in with Zayn." I say nervously. I bit the inside of my lip waiting fot an answer.

"Your what?" She crosses her arms across her chest. 

"I'm moving in with Zayn and the boys!" I shout.




'God! You are SO overprotective! That's why i'm leaving! Mom, I'm 19! I can take care of myself!"

"Fine! Leave!"

"Fine!" I grabbed my luggage and opened my front door. Well, my old front door. " And i applied for New York University. I'm waiting to see if i entered." She looked up at me. " Bye mom." i said closing the door.

~Zayn's P.O.V~

I was expecting Victoria to move in with me today. Well, that's if Mrs. Romero says yes. She can be over protective sometimes. Sometimes? Who am I kidding, all the time! I just hope they don't have a big fight because of this. I heard the doorbell ring. Harry stumbled down the stairs and opened the door. The boys all pile in the living room.

"TOR! TOR!" I hear Harry shout. Ugh! I bet he's hugging her right now. He's unbelievable. He would do ANYTHING to be with her. Which kills me. 


"Let's play truth or dare!" Louis shouts. We all agreed and sat in a circle. Louis spun the bottle and it landed on Harry. "Truth or dare?" Louis asks.

"Truth." I heard Louis whisper 'wussy' and i bit back a laugh.

"Is it true you love Victoria?" Louis wiggles gis eyebrows. No! NO NO NO NO NO! He can't love Victoria! I love Victoria.

"I-I-I-I DO- It's true." Those two words shot my heart. NO! I love Victoria! He can't.He's going to take her! He always get's the girls. But i really love Victoria! She stole my heart. The boys started doing romance noises. 

"SOOOO! Zayn, who do you love." Louis grins.

'I-uh. I don't love any one right now." I stutter. Louis nods and looks at Niall.

"Pssst! You guys know i love Osiris. We're together already." Louis then looks at Liam.

"I love Brianna and i always will. She's so perfect, so flawless, so me. Briam forever." he sighs (A/N: Brianna is supposed to be me! I love Liam. Me and my friends made our couple name. Briam!) 

"Well i love Emily! And i always will. We are for sure cutore getting married." Lucky for them. Another guy loves the girl i love.

~End of Flashback!~

"Zayn!" Victoria shouts waving her hand in front of my face. I jump and hug her. 


~Victoria's P.O.V~

"Tori!" Zayn shouts hugging me. I hugged him back tightly. Oh my! how rude of me not introducing myself! Well, I have brown hair, brown eyes, and darkish skin. I love singing......yes i know lame. the boys know i sing. i mostly do duets with Zayn.....or concerts. I've known Zayn since diapers. And I've...i can't believe I'm telling you this....liked him since 14. As the years passed my feelings grew stronger and now, i love him, but i try my best to hide my feelings. Then I met Harry when One Direction was formed. We got long really well. I then started growing feelings for him too. We have this connection that me and Zayn also have.So...yeah i love Zayn and Harry. I mean it's not wrong is it? I got snapped back to reality by Zayn dragging me to his room with my luggage. He left my luggage in the corner of his room and st in the bed next to me.

"Did you and your mom fight?" He asks. I frown and nod. He sighs. "You need to go see her tomorrow and work things out. ok?" I nod. "Ok! So do you want your own room or do you want to sleep with me?" I thought for a moment. If i have my own room, i won't be with Zayn or sleep with him. If i stay in his room then i could do both of those things. But what about Harry? Ugh! I'll just get my own room.

"My own room!" I answer. Zayn looked a bit disappointed, but took me to my room, him carrying the luggage. he opened the door and i stepped inside to see a beautiful light blue painted room. There was a guitar and piano in one corner. Zayn knew i played those two instruments. My bed was placed against the wall in the middle of the room, a desk a few feet away from it. There was a bean bag chair in front of the cabinet of books. My now desk had pictures of me and Zayn when we were little to present day. "Z-Zayn." I felt a tear slip down my cheek just seeing all the pictures of our childhood. Especially the one in Valentines Day when we were 17. That was the day Zayn told me he was trying out for the X-Factor.

"i was pretty sure you were going to move in so i organized the room." he smiles. 

"Thank you." I give him a peck on the cheek and he instantly starts blushing. I giggle." I'm going to unpack. I'll meet you downstairs yeah?" He nods and closes the door. UGH! Time to unpack! This is going to take a while!


Hey guys! So this is NOT my first fan fic! It's my SECOND! I would post the first one i wrote but i lost the first few parts and i forgot them! D: SORRY! But i hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! And i hope you will enjoy the rest of my story! Fan me?

~BriBri xoxo

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