My Best Friend.....Zayn Malik?

"TORI!" Zayn shouts to me from downstairs.
"WHAT?" I shout back.
"HELP ME COOK" Not again! I didn't go so well last time. Oh well. I mean YOLO right? Lol no. But how bad could it be this time? I ran downstairs. I went into the kitchen to find no one there. And it was quiet. Too quiet. Zayn came out from behind the fridge and dumped a handful of flower on my head. Oh hell naw! This means war!

Victoria Romero. Normal 19 year-old girl right? Wrong. Victoria is THE Zayn Malik's best friend. Your probably thinkin'... OH MY GOD! SHE'S ZAYN MALIK'S BEST FRIEND! LUCKY BITCH! Yeah.. well not really. She goes through a lot for being his best friend. The hate, the rumors, the LOVE. That's right, the LOVE! Victoria LOVES Zayn, BUT also LOVES Harry. Theres fights, arguements, break ups. Just because 1 girl LOVES 2 boys and 2 boys LOVE 1 girl. You just have to see how this girl, Victoria, lives life as Zayn Malik's best friend.


4. He Loves Me!!!

~Victoria's POV~

I felt shifting on my bed. Well this is my bed right? And who's next to me? I forcefully opened my eyes. A handsome looking Harry was starring down at me. "Hello, beautiful" Harry kisses my forehead.

"Good morning handsome." I smile. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer, our faces just inches away. 

"I wish we can stay like this forever." He brushes his nose against mine. 

"Me too." I put my arms around hos neck. "I loe you" I brush his lips against mine. Our lips finally met perfectly. His plump lips were so soft. I felt a few sparks go everywhere. Our lips moved in sync, feeling perfect. His lip slid over my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I allowed him to enter and his tongue explored my mouth. This feeling was amazing. Our tongues danced together  We broke apart, gasping for air. I rest my head in the crook f his neck. I realized we were in Harry's room and today was?  

"Harry, what day is it today?"


"K" I stood up and stretched.

"Hey! Come back here! I want to keep cuddling some more!" He whines.

"I think we cuddled enough last night." I smirk. 

"Hmph!" Harry pouts and crosses his arms acros his chest.

"Get ready Harry! I'm gonna go shower. Meet you downstairs!" I closed the door behind me  and rush to my room.

~Brianna's POV~ (Liam's GF)

*Ring Ring* 

"Hello?" I place my Iphone 5 against my ear.

"Hey Bri! It's Josh Devine or should i say Joshie?!" I could practically feel him smirking.

"Joshie! What's up?!"

"I was just wondering if you wanted to come over ? You know and hang out."

"Just me?"

"yeah since you're my best friend and all."

"Oh right i'll be right over!"

"Awesome! See you! Bye!"

"Bye Joshie!"

*End Of Conversation*

"Who was that?" Liam asked.

"It was Josh. He wants me to come over. I don't know why. Can you come with me and just wait in the car?" 

"Sue babe." I grabbed my coat, Liam doing the  same. We got in the car and drove to Josh's house.

~Josh's POV~

I need to tell her i love her. Yeah she's taken, but i won't give up. I need her in my life. She's the girl for me. She makes me so happy! I would do ANYTHING to be with her. Even if that means to fight her boyfriend.

*knock Knock*

~Brianna's POV~

Liam pulled up to Josh's driveway and turned off the engine. I opened my door and stepped out. "Wait here. I won't take long" Liam nods. I walked onto Josh's porch and knocked on the door. The door opened and there stood Josh.

"Joshie!" I smile and hug him. 

"Bri! Hey! Come in!" I step inside and took a seat on the couch. Josh took a seat next to me. 

"So. Why did you want me over?" I question.

"I needed to confess something to you." he sighs. Oh no! This can't be good. I nod for him to continue. He takes my hands into his and sighs once again. "Brianna, I................I love you." My eyes grew wide. NO! He can't be serious! I'm with Liam!

"I-i don't know what to say. I mean, Josh, I just don't feel the same way. I like you but as a friend. That's all." I remove my hands from his and sigh. "I'm sorry Josh. I should go." i say standing up.

"NO! It's okay if you don't feel the same way! It breaks my heart, but it's okay! We can still be best friends, right?" I nod. 

"Yeah! Of course we can still be best friends! Now i should get going. Liam's waiting for me in the car." I say heading to the door.

"Right! Liam...." His voice cracked on 'Liam'. "I'm just glad I could get that off my back and we can still be friends." I smile and step out of the warm house, the cold spring breeze slapping my face. I turned to face Josh.

"Well, bye Joshie!! See you tomorrow at the concert." I hug him.

"Right, yeah. bye!" I wave once more and he slams the door. Ok? No need to get angry. i walk to Liam's car and hop in. I buckled  , sigh and place my hands on my lap.

"You ok?" Liam looks at me concerned.

"Nope! Not really!" 

"What happened?"

"Josh told me he loves me."


Hey guys! Sorry for not updating last week! I would like to thank my co-author, Mrs.VictoriaMalik, for updating! Thanks Tori! :3

SO that's it! Oh and i WON'T be posting my first fanfic! Well actually i don't know yet. I'll think about! Thanks guys! I love you guys! <3

~BriBri xoxo

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