My Best Friend.....Zayn Malik?

"TORI!" Zayn shouts to me from downstairs.
"WHAT?" I shout back.
"HELP ME COOK" Not again! I didn't go so well last time. Oh well. I mean YOLO right? Lol no. But how bad could it be this time? I ran downstairs. I went into the kitchen to find no one there. And it was quiet. Too quiet. Zayn came out from behind the fridge and dumped a handful of flower on my head. Oh hell naw! This means war!

Victoria Romero. Normal 19 year-old girl right? Wrong. Victoria is THE Zayn Malik's best friend. Your probably thinkin'... OH MY GOD! SHE'S ZAYN MALIK'S BEST FRIEND! LUCKY BITCH! Yeah.. well not really. She goes through a lot for being his best friend. The hate, the rumors, the LOVE. That's right, the LOVE! Victoria LOVES Zayn, BUT also LOVES Harry. Theres fights, arguements, break ups. Just because 1 girl LOVES 2 boys and 2 boys LOVE 1 girl. You just have to see how this girl, Victoria, lives life as Zayn Malik's best friend.


5. Concert

~Victoria's POV~ 

"Harry!  Put your shirt on! You're on in 5!" Simon yells. I silently giggled,  not wanting Simon to hear me. 

Right now, me and the girls, oh and Perrie, were backstage. The boys were getting ready and, by what Simon said, they're on in 5. I gotta say, seeing the boys shirtless turns me on. Especially Harry..............and Zayn. And Liam has got some fine abs! Brianna is on lucky girl!  The boys were all dressed up and they grabbed there microphones. Each of them kissed out cheeks before lining up in the side of the stage. The girls, Perrie, and I took our seats on the second floor right in the center. Since the boys told management not to sell any tickets on the second floor, we were the only ones there. And we can perfectly see the boys and they can perfectly see us. The beat of What Makes You Beautiful blasted through the arena. Directioners of all over the world started screaming and fangirling. The scren on stage showed the video, Josh started playing his drums. Liam appeared first, starting his solo. Soon all the boys appeared. Harry kept glancing up at me.  He gave me a quick wink and a fan scramed thinking it was her. Well, she's wrong....

~Brianna's POV~

My eyes concentrated on Liam the whole time. His voice is just so beautiful and amazing. But something was, i don't know, disturbing me. And that something was Josh. I could feel his  stare barring into my skin. I still can't believe he loves me. I just don't feel the same way. He's a sweet guy and all but i just see him as a friend, that's all. I snapped out of my thoughts and focused on Liam once again.

~Emily's POV~ (Louis' GF)

Oh Louis. His voice is so...... actually no words can describe it. His voice is just so incredible.  Fans say he sings pretty high, but there's nothing wrong with that. We kept our eyes locked together most of the time. I'm so glad i'm his.

~Osiris' POV~ (Niall's GF)

One of the fans tweeted the boys to do the Irish dance. The boys struggled to do it, but Niall did it perfectly. I burst out laughing. Niall looks hilarious when he does his "special" Irish dance. The boys started singing 'Rock Me' as their last song. Niall played his electric guitar. Man he looks sexy doing that. Whenever he sang "I want you to rock me!" and thrusted his hips, he would glance up at me. Oh i will rock him one of these days.....

~Victoria's POV~

The girls and I ran backstage, away from the fans chasing us. Oh and Perrie got mobbed by them. Hahahahaha that dumbass bitch. I REALLY need to stop being mean to her. Yeah, she's with Zayn, but i'm with Harry. But my feelings for Zayn just keep growing! Ugh! Love. Is. Confusing. 

~Liam's POV~

Thank God the concerts over! I can't stand being in the same room as Josh. I can't believe he loves MY Brianna! I love Brianna and i always will. NOTHING will stop us from being together. She is MY Brianna and she always will be.

~Perrie POV~

Help me! My hair is being pulled, my dress is ripped, and tears are running down my cheeks! Make up was all over my face! Wher the fuck is Zayn! He's supposed to protect me! Such a "boyfriend!"

~Victoria's POV~

We ran into the boys' dressing room and locked the door. I jumped on the couch, breathing madly. I haven't ran that fast in ages! I need to go to the gym more often. The girls all fell to the ground, tired as hell,  and the boys' came out of nowhere. "What happened?!" Liam questions.

"We ran here cause fans were chasing us!" We shout.

"Where's Perrie?!" Zayn looks around the room. Really? Don't care about your best friend then!

"" I say between breaths.

"What! What the hell Victoria! Why would you let that happen?! What the fuck is wrong with you!" My eyes grew wide. He's blaming ME! I didn't do anything wrong! It's her fault she's wearing fucking 4 inch heels! 

"Why are you blaming mer?! I didn't do anything wrong! Fuck Zayn! You're the one that's supposed to be taking care of her, you ass! STOP. FUCKING. BLAMING. ME!" I shout. Did i just say those very colorful words? Zayn glared at me. His eyes mixed with emotions. Anger, sadness, and most of all hurt. I guess i did say those words. Oops? I didn't know what else to say. I ran out of the room and out the arena. Fuck Zayn! I don't need him! Tears streamed down my face, blurring my vision as i ran. I don't know where, but i just kept running. 

~Zayn's POV~

She's right. Why did i blame her? She didn't do anything wrong. She's probably pissed. I made her run away. Even worse, I LET her run away. I got interupted by the door opening and closing. Perrie! She looked like a mess! Her hair was up in all directions, when it's only supposed to be in one direction. (A/N* ;D ) Her dress had holes and scratches. And her face was covered in make-up, her cheeks stained with mascara tears. She looked horrible. She slowly and weakly walked over to the couch and sat down. I   ran over to her and wrapped my arms around her. 

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry i didn't go after you and save you!" She just kept starring ahead of her. She looked tramatized. And she was pale! She looked just....................................dead...

~Victoria's POV~ 

I stopped running when i came in sight of the park I met Zayn and the park Zayn introduced me to the boys. This park brought lots of memories.I sat on the big rock under the willow tree. The same tree me and Zayn used to talk under, me and Harry doing the same. Harry was there for me when Zayn wasn't. That's when i realized i loved Harry. And i still love him, but not as much as Zayn..............

~Harry's POV~

I ran around London looking for could she be??? ?he park! I ran as fast as my feet could carry me. I pushed by people getting weird glances. I don't care what they think! They don't know why i'm running and they don't need to know! I stopped in my tracks! There she is! 

~Victoria's POV~

I buried my face in between my knees, tears streaming down my cheeks. How could Zayn blame me? I didn't do anything wrong! I heard a click and saw a flash. I looked up, terrified. And guess what? There stood a fucking paparazzi taking pictures of me crying my eyes out.

"Leave her alone!" Harry came out of nowhere holding a big stick. The paparazzi took a picture of Harry and ran away. Harry dropped the stick and looked at me. He smiled at me and i weakly smiled back. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and sat down next to me.  minutes of comfortable silence passed by. I shivered, the cold evening breeze slapping my face. Harry wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close, and making me feel warmer. I can't wait to get home! (sarcasm intended)


There! Chapter 5! HOPE YOU LIKDE IT! 

~BriBri xoxo




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