The 1D Crush

A young girl named Emma. She has long reddish brown hair that goes to her waist. She has natural pink cheeks and lips. She isn't the biggest fan of One Direction. She thinks they are sorta cute but whatever. You have to read to find out more.


8. 7

     Harry's POV

             We went down to my room. I carried her even though she could walk. I threw her on my bed and locked the door. I walked back to her and ripped her clothes off so she was just in her bra and panties. They were see through. Yessss! She sat up and slowly took off my pajama pants. She acted as if she was hesitating. I grabbed her hands and sat next to her. She started to cry softly. I lifted her chin up and looked into her eyes. She shut them and let a couple more tears fall. ''Why are you crying?''  I ask her, kissing where the tears were. She shook her head and kissed my cheek. I pulled her onto my lap and held her head on my chest. My stomach and chest were wet with tears but I didn't care. She eventually fell asleep. I couldn't understand why she was crying. Maybe her side hurt. I pulled her onto my bed and sat her down. I put her shirt on her and put the covers over her. I put on my Jack Wills sweatshirt and walked up upstairs. It was already 5:00 pm. I laid down on the couch and watched Love Actually for a while then fell asleep. 

           Emma's POV

                            I woke up and looked at the clock. 1:30 a.m. I walked upstairs and saw Harry sleeping on the couch. I smiled then walked up the second flight of stairs. I reached Niall's room. I peered in and saw him sleeping. I walked over to him and kissed his cheek. His eyes fluttered open. Even in the dark, I saw his bright blue eyes shine when he saw me. He propped himself up with an elbow and smiled. '' What's up babe?'' He asked but then fell because his elbow slipped. I giggled and sat on the edge of his bed. He sat up and scooted over to me. He put his arm around my shoulders and kissed my cheek. I turned to him and put my head on his shoulder. He pulled my closer and kissed the top of my head. I smiled and whispered,'' can I sleep in here tonight?'' Like a little girl. He smiled and said,'' sure Love.'' We walked to the other side of his bed and laid down. I scooted under the blanket and then Niall put his arms around my waist. I smiled and turned, so my face was in his chest. He pulled me tighter and started snoring lightly. I smiled and fell asleep.

           Niall's POV

                     I woke up and heard quiet breathing next to me. I smiled and turned. I saw Emma laying there with her hands holding the blanket on her chest. Her chest slowly rising and falling. Her lips plump and pink. Her eyes lids fluttering. She looked so peaceful. I smiled at the sight of her next to me. I slowly closed my eyes but they shot open when I heard a gasp and then small cries and whimpers. I looked at Emma and saw her mouth opened and her head moving side to side. Small tears escaped from her eyes. She kept saying,'' Max. Don't touch me. Stop. Help me!'' I grabbed her waist and she gasped and her eyes shot open. Emma was breathing heavily now. She was crying now. I scooted over o her and hugged her. I held her head against my chest until she hugged my torso. I looked down and saw her looking at me, frightened. Her sparkling brown eyes were red now. Her red-brown hair all over her back. She smiled weakly at me. I smiled back and got up. I took a shower to clean up. 

          Emma's POV.

                        I cried last night when I was with Harry because I thought of Max. I had a nightmare about him when I was sleeping in Niall's bed. I crawled under the blanket. It smelled like Niall. I wanted to stay here forever. But I heard a door open slowly. I snuck a peek and saw Niall walking out of the bathroom. He was only in a towel. I looked at him. He dropped his towel. He grabbed some swim shorts and threw them on. He snuck over to me and kissed my neck. He grazed on the skin. I groaned and put my hands on his cheeks. He laughed and threw me a hot pink bikini. I smiled and ran to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. I looked horrible! My mascara smeared onto my cheeks, my eyes were red, and my hair was tangled! I washed my face, dried it off, brushed my hair, and got in the bikini. I looked down at my flat stomach. For a reason, I felt fat. I hated how I looked. I put the towel on me so it was around my whole body, still leaving out my arms.I put my hair down and walked out into the bedroom. All the boys were in there. Liam and Louis raced each other to me. Louis won. He tried to take the towel off of me but I held it on. The boys looked at me weird. I sighed and said,'' I'm too fat and ugly to wear a bikini.'' I felt tears forming in my eyes. The boys looked at me in disbelief. They all yelled,'' NO YOUR NOT!!'' At the same time. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek. '' Yes I am. I'm fat and ugly and I shouldnt be on a planet with beautiful people.'' I said, crying fully now. I fell to my knees and sat against the wall with my head in my knees. I heard the guys run to me. Someone hugged me and whispered,'' You are flippin gorgeous. Don't ever call yourself fat or ugly. Your neither. I love you  and all your little things.'' (See what I did there? Haha) I looked up and saw Liam. Louis stood up and said,'' well, I am going to the pool with a beautiful lady, even if she is insecure.'' Then he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I giggled and screamed. I got thrown into the air and hit the warm water. I heard the guys laughing. Louis jumped in behind me. We both went underwater and Louis got close to my face. He grabbed my bum and squeezed it making me jump into him. He kissed me hard. Soon we couldn't breathe and we swam up. I looked around and notice the guys playing volleyball with a beach ball. So I went over there and we all had a fun day in the pool.

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