The 1D Crush

A young girl named Emma. She has long reddish brown hair that goes to her waist. She has natural pink cheeks and lips. She isn't the biggest fan of One Direction. She thinks they are sorta cute but whatever. You have to read to find out more.


6. 5

     Liam's POV

             She loves me too. Wow. She was kissing me. What should I do? I put my hands on her waist and she put hers around my neck.  She pushed her tongue into m mouth. We started a huge make-out session. When we finished our make-out, my hands were on her bum and her hands were around my torso. She soon fell asleep. Then Harry walked in. '' Liam?'' He asked looking at me weird. '' Ya?'' I asked him. '' Why are your hands on Emma's bum?'' He asked getting angry. '' Because we kissed. She said she love me too. And I said I love her.'' I said kinda scared. Harry lost temper and punched me. But his fist hit Emma in the side. She screamed and wake up. She held her side, gasping in pain. My face hurt really bad but she is more important. Harry broke down ad sat in the corner crying. '' Emma! Are you ok?'' I yelled/asked. She shook her head 'no' because she couldnt talk. I picked her up bridal style and ran down the stairs. I put her in the car and drove to the hospital.

                    Emma's POV

                              My side hurt horribly bad! A few tears escaped. When we got o the hospital, I was taken in on a gurney and Liam was crying and walking to a checkup room. I had to have an x-ray. Thy gave me pain killers an I feel asleep.

                                 When I woke up, I heard Louis talking to the doctor. '' Is she gonna be alright? I can't lose her! I love her a lot!'' What? He loves me? '' She will be fine. We have to talk to her. Go get your friends and come in here.'' After that I heard footsteps and I opened my eyes. I saw Niall first. He ran to m crying. " Emma! Your awake!'' He screamed. The doctor walked in. '' Oh! Emma. Your awake. We have some news for you.'' The doctor said. The boys crowded around me. The doctor flipped through some pages and finally spoke. '' Emma, you have 3 disloacated ribs, and your baby died in your stomach.'' Baby? '' B.. Baby?'' I stuttered. The boys gasped. Niall and Harry and Zayn gulped. ' Yes. Didn't you know you were pregnant?'' The doctor looked at me weird. '' No. I didn't. Whose the dad?'' I asked scared. '' We will have to take a DNA test. But in other bad news, your parents have does in a car crash. You will have to stay with these gentlemen until we find someone you can stay with.'' After that, I broke down crying. Louis ran up to me and kissed my cheek. '' My mum and dad died! I was pregnant! What is wrong with my life?'' I screamed. I started crying really hard. The boys left to get the doctor for the DNA test. Except Louis. He stayed. '' How? How could I be pregnant?'' I asked him, sniffling. '' Well I sorta found out about you and Harry, 'cause he told me. But you had protection. And I sorta almost killed Harry for taking you. Because I love you. I really do.'' He said quietly. So it was true. '' You do?'' I asked him. I loved him too. He didn't answer, he just leaned in slowly and kissed me. It wasn't hard or forced. It was passionate and full of love. He quickly pulled away. '' Ya. I do.'' He whispered. ''  look, Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn and now you, all like me. I love you too, Lou. But I love all of you. If you are jealous of Hearty, meet me in my room tonight. The boys are going to dinner. You can stay. And don't mind my ribs. I can survive loving you with them.'' I said before the doctor came in with the boys. Harry, Zayn and Niall all looked really worried. '' The dad is....''

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