The 1D Crush

A young girl named Emma. She has long reddish brown hair that goes to her waist. She has natural pink cheeks and lips. She isn't the biggest fan of One Direction. She thinks they are sorta cute but whatever. You have to read to find out more.


5. 4

Emma's POV

            I went down stairs after showering. I was wearing a short skirt with nothing under. Except underwear, of course. A hot pink flowy tank top with a black heart in the middle, and a black leather jacket. I had on black leather boots, I had a lighter black smoky eyes, red lipstick, and black feather earrings. I walked downstairs and all the boys stared at me. '' What? Is there something on my face?'' I ask worriedly. Harry smirked and said,'' Nothing but beauty.'' I laughed but the boys glared at him. Zayn patted the seat next to him so I sat down next to him. He put his hand on my knee. I looked down at his hand and then him. I smiled at him. He smiled back. He put his hand on my thigh now. I sorta squirmed in my seat then calmed down. Now his hand was at the edge of my skirt, which was 3 inches away from my.... Spot. He tucked his hand under my skirt and rubbed my underwear. I gasped a little and looked at him. He smirked at me. Then, Zayn scooted his hand higher and pulled down my underwear a bit so he could put his huge hand in them. Zayn jammed two fingers in me and made me jump a bit. Good thing the boys haven't noticed. He jammed another finger in me. I jumped up. He started to rub my clit. I bit my lip to hold in a moan. I pulled his hand out of me and said out loud,'' Excuse me, I have to use the bathroom.'' I said that looking at Zayn. I winked and walked away. I swayed my hips while walking. I heard someone whistle but then a smack. I walked into the bathroom but stood there. I heard footsteps. I opened the door but got pushed back in by a kiss. I couldn't breathe. I pushed the person away and looked at who it was. Zayn. I ran to the door and locked it. I ripped off his pants and got on my knees. I started sucking and sucking hard. Zayn was moaning but trying to hold it in. When he finally cummed, he pulled me into a passionate kiss. While we were kissing, he put his fingers in my skirt again. He was rubbing me raw. I moaned in his mouth. He bent down and took his fingers out to replace them with his tongue. He thrusted with his tongue. I moaned. I pushed him away and passionately kissed him. I pulled up my skirt and walked to the dining room. About 10 minutes later, Zayn came in, so he wouldn't make it obvious. Liam started talking,'' So we have an interview today, then a photoshoot.'' I shot him a confused look. '' What do you mean interview then photoshoot?'' I asked. Harry started laughing. '' You don't know do you?'' He asked laughing. '' Know what?'' I asked. '' We are One Direction!'' I sat there for a moment and then remembered who One Direction were. Oh My Gawd! ''O... One Direction?'' I asked. They all start laughing. " Yeah love! We are One Direction.'' Louis shouted. '' Oh.'' Is all I could say.   

        After lunch, I went to my room and sat on my bed. Liam walked in and hugged me. '' Are you OK?'' He asked. I pushed him away. '' I'm fine. Just shocked. And about earlier, why did you run out of the house and flip me off?''I asked, on the verge of tears. He cleared his throat and said,'' Because Niall kissed you but I didn't. I really like you. And when I walked out heard you moan and scream so I thought you were.. Um.... You know... And I got really mad so when you walked to the window, I didn't want to talk so I flipped you off. I'm so so so sorry Emma. I love you.'' I was taken back by that last part. He said he loved me. I pushed him back and straddled him. I leaned down and kissed his lips softly. I sat on hi waist and played with his hands. '' I love you too Liam.'' I whispered. I looked at I'm and he was smiling. He took my hands and pulled me on his chest. I laid my head down his chest. It was so quit, I could ear his heart thumping. '' I really love you too Liam, I do.'' I whispered, before getting pulled into a magical, passionate kiss. 

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