The 1D Crush

A young girl named Emma. She has long reddish brown hair that goes to her waist. She has natural pink cheeks and lips. She isn't the biggest fan of One Direction. She thinks they are sorta cute but whatever. You have to read to find out more.


3. 3

      Emma's POV

               I still laid there when Niall left. I touched the spot where the love bite was. I smiled them got up. I put the blanket around me and sent to take a shower. As soon as I got in, the bathroom door opened. I saw Harry standing there. He smiled at me. '' What are you doing in here?'' I asked him. He smiled at me.'' I want you. Really bad! Your gorgeous and I want to feel my body on yours. I want to kiss you! I want you to love me too!'' He said all that and I stood there, speechless. Truth is, I do love him. So I opened the curtain a bit more so my neck was showing. Then I realized he wasn't wearing clothes. He was standing there naked. I wanted him to so I opened the curtain all the way so my body was showing. He smiled big and stared at my body. At my face, my breasts, my stomach, then my vagina. He smiled bigger then stepped up to me. He cupped my face and kissed me. Really hard. I pushed my body close to his. He let me go then locked the door. He opened a drawer and pulled out a condom. Not again! He walked up to me and put the condom on. '' You have no idea how happy I am that I get to do this.'' He whispered. He walked into the shower and closed the curtain. I knew what would happen so I backed up against the wall and opened my legs. He looked down and smiled. Harry put his hands on the wall next to my face and thrusted into me. I bit my lip trying not to moan but I did. I smiled and stopped thrusting. He bent down and shoved his tongue into me. I threw my head back and screamed. I didn't scream that loud though. He thrusted with his tongue and I cummed. He smiled and swallowed. He stood up a bit more and thrusted in me while sucking the nipple on my breast. I dug my nails into him. He chuckled against my breast. I wanted him more! I pushed him away then bent down. I sucked on him. I stood up. He started kissing me and I started to rub him down there. He was moaning in my mouth.  

         Harry's POV

                  Wow. All I can say is wow. Emma is amazing. She let's you do anything and more. She does everything. I hopped out of the shower so she could wash up. She threw the condom at me. I looked at her confused. She pointed down. Then I realized that it got stuck in her. I started laughing and then went to my room. I took a normal shower then got dressed. 

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