The 1D Crush

A young girl named Emma. She has long reddish brown hair that goes to her waist. She has natural pink cheeks and lips. She isn't the biggest fan of One Direction. She thinks they are sorta cute but whatever. You have to read to find out more.


2. 2

         Harry's POV

                   We were both laughing until I said,'' By the way, my name is Harry.'' She scooted over to me and put her head on my shoulder. '' Nice to meet you Harry.'' She whispered, before falling asleep. I looked at her for a while until Louis walked in angry. '' What's wrong Boo?'' I asked him. ' I'll tell you later.'' He said harshly. I just shook it out of my mind and sat on the couch. I brought Emma up to the guest room and then went to watch a bunch of movies with Louis.

              Emma's POV

                      I woke up in someone's arms. I look over and see Liam. I giggle and kiss his cheek. His eyes flutter open and he smiles at me. '' Hey love.'' He whispers. I giggle and say,'' Hey Li. Why are you in here? Holding... My waist?'' I ask smiling brightly at him. He blushes and says,'' I wanted you.'' My eyes few big and I stop smiling. '' Whoa! That came out wrong! I meant to say I wanted you to be safe!'' My face remains how it is. I wanted him too. But I guess he doesn't like me. I feel tears forming in my eyes. I almost cry but the door flies open and Blondie flies onto the bed so he was on top of me. I giggle but then he leans forward and kisses me. I keep me hand in Liam's but he pulled his hand away from me. Liam walked it of the room while Blondie was kissing me. Blondie bit my lip and I knew what that meant. I opened my mouth and he jammed his tongue in very excitedly. I try to hold in a giggle. Blondie uncovered me from the blanket so my legs were exposed. I took the chance and wrapped my legs around him. After a few more seconds, I felt a bulge on my... Spot... And  I tried to pull away but he hold me there. The bulge was getting bigger so it was sort of pushing into my girly spot. It started to hurt on me so I pulled away and Blondie looked at me confused. I pointed down and giggled. He looked down and saw that his pajama pants were going into the over large tee I was wearing. He blushed and looked at me. I started to laugh and he whispered,'' sorry if it went in you.'' I pulled his head down and kissed his neck. I whispered.'' I knew how you felt.'' He pulled away from my grasp quickly. He looked at me very excitedly. I laugh and push him off of me. He falls on his back. I crawled over to him and started kissing his neck. I moved over on his waist. So now I was straddling him. The bulge was totally in me now and it hurt but I didn't care. I sat up and the tee I was in, uncovered me. I mean, it was still on me, but it spread out so my underwear was touching him. He got really excited. He scooted over a bit, and that made the bulge move. It moved in me and I groaned. He stopped moving and looked at me. I looked down. He pulled up my shirt a bit and saw that the bulge was in me all the way. Blondie moved his hips to the right and it forced me to moan. He dropped my shirt and started rocking his hips side to side. I moaned really loud now. He hold in a laugh and pushed his hips up fast. The bulge moved into me farther and I screamed in pleasure. I heard a  door slam downstairs. I jumped off Blondie and ran to the window. I could barely walk from what he was doing to me. I sat on the desk and saw Liam getting in his car. I opened the window and yelled,'' Liam! What are you doing?'' He just flipped me the bird and got in his car. I didn't need him anyway. I looked over and saw Blondie slapping the bulge. I laugh and ask,'' Blondie? What are you doing?'' he stops and looks at me. '' You made me excited! And my name is Niall.'' He said. Still moving his hips around. I walk over to him really slow to make him mad. He groaned and jumped off the bed. He picked me up bridal style and threw me on the bed. He ripped his shirt off and stood there, think in, of what to do with me. I stared at his abs. He was gorgeous. He 'aahh'ed and jumped ontop of me. He threw his pants off so he was only in his boxers and he took the shirt off of me so I was only in my bra and underwear. He started to kiss my neck. He got to my sweet spot and made me groan. He smiled and started grazing on my skin. I was moaning a lot now and I threw my arms around him. I put my legs on his waist. My nails were digging into his back. He threw his head back and looked at me. '' Do you want to do this?'' He asked. I looked at him in disbelief. '' What do you think?'' Before he could say anything, I threw my hands down and pushed myself up. I kissed him sweetly on the lips. I bit his lips hard. He jumped in surprise then pushed himself on my body. He had his arms out and was ouling himself on me. When I could barely breathe, I threw my hands on his back again. He pulled away from my kiss and put his arms around me. He started kissing my neck. When he was satisfied with the love bites, he started moving down with his lips. He was right above my bra. He moved his hands to my back and took off my bra. He sat up and admired my breasts then kissed them. He moved down to my stomach and then right above my panties. He stopped kissing my thighs and looked at me. I nodded and put my hands on his back, ready for the feelings that will soon come. He took off my panties with his mouth. I shuddered. Niall started kissing my thigh. I slapped his back and he jumped to my girly spot. He looked at me again and I threw my head back so I made and arch with my back. He nodded put his tongue in me. It felt amazing. I screamed with pleasure and dug my nails into his back. He started moving his tongue around and I arched my back so I was practically making a bridge. He took his tongue out of me and kissed the inside of my thigh. I knew he wanted me to calm down so I laid back so I wasn't a bridge anymore. He moved up and started kissing my breasts. He squeezed them together and I moaned. He was licking/kissing the nipple. I pulled his head up and kissed his neck. My turn. I found his sweet spot when he moaned. I giggled and turned him over so I was on top. I started kissing his abs and then started going down. I stopped at the waistband of his boxers. I ripped them off and went down to his... Man spot. I kissed the tip of it making him moan. I went deeper and Niall sat up and pushed my head down. When the top of it hit my throat, he laid back and started thrusting. He started to moan. I gagged and pulled back a bit. I started to suck faster and faster. He stopped thrusting and moaned. I mean moaned really loud. He started to cum. I swallowed and went back to his neck. He threw me under him and went staright into me. He started to thrust. He went deeper and deeper into me. I screamed and he started to kiss me to drown out my screams. 


          Niall's POV

                  Emma was screaming so I kissed her to drown out her screams. I remembered something. I pulled out of her and ran to my room. Still naked. I grabbed a condom and ran back to the room. Emma was still laying there sweating and moaning. I guess she still felt me in her even though I wasn't. Her breathing was fast. I went over to her and showed her the condom. She took it and put it in her mouth. I looked at her questioningly and she winked. I opened my mouth in an 'O' shape and laid on my back. Emma put the condom on me with her mouth. I moaned then jumped on her. I thrusted in and out of her. She started to moan really loudly. I started going faster and she screamed. She dug her nails into me back. I threw my head back and thrusted really really fast. Emma screamed and pushed her hips up so I went in her more. I stopped thrusting so I could go in her more. I felt a tear and she moaned. And then screamed. I guess no one has gone that far in her so its new to her. I started thrusting and she screamed. Her nails were hurting now so I stopped. I threw the condom off and went down with my tongue. She moaned and pushed her hips up. She cummed and I smiled. I swallowed and rubbed my tongue around in her. She moved her hips up and screamed. I was happy that I was making her feel this. She used her feet to rub me. I moaned but remembered I could make her feel amazing. I thrusted with my tongue. Then the door flew open. I went under the blanket and Emma covered herself with the blanket. I heard a raspy voice ask,'' why are you sweating babe?'' It was Harry. Emma mmmed and then said,'' I had a nightmare. I was screaming a lot and I was sweating. No biggy.'' I felt her move to the side. Harry finally said,'' Well do you want me to hold you so you feel better?'' Emma tensed up.'' No thanks. Ill just get dressed and we can go make some lunch?'' Harry said,'' Sure babe.'' Then I heard the door shut. I crawled out of the blanket and kissed her. While I kissed her, she grabbed my you-know-where and rubbed it. I moaned in her mouth and she stopped. I stopped kissing her and sat up. She smiled, and was sweating and panting. I went down and trusted into her one more time then got up. I kissed her cheek and put my old clothes on. I went into my room and took a shower.



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