Controling The Power

Isadora was a normal high schooler; but when she finds out something about her best friend that will change her life. When she eventually becomes the same as him will she be able to control her self or will she go ballistic and take advantage of her new power.


1. I Want To Rip His Head Off

Isadora's P.O.V.-

  Zayn, Louis, Harry, Liam, Niall, and I were all in the pool having fun. We were splashing around and having a good time. "I bet you cant bet me in a race." I said to Harry. He laughed and got into ready position. Niall swam over and lifted is hands up.

  "On three." He said. We nodded. "One... two... THREE!" He said and we started. I was right in front of Harry but then all of the sudden he sped up and won. I looked stunned at him.

  "How did you do that?" I asked him. The boys all laughed. "I do believe though. I deserve a prize." Harry said smirkind. He wrapped his hands around my waist and I put mine around his neck. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him. We were inches apart and about to kiss when my brother, Blaine, came.

 "Isadora!" He shouted. I started shaking and Harry noticed because he held me tighter. He came over to the side of the pool we were on. He pulled me out and dragged me inside. I started crying and he screamed, "What the hell was that!?" Blain hit me across the face and I cried harder. He picked up a vase and just before it hit my I moved. It hit the wall, broke, and cut my leg and arm. I screamed but he covered by mouth and dragged me into his room.

   "Strip." He said. So I did. Harry came pounding on the door saying, "Blaine stop let her go." Blaine threw me a rob and opened the door. "What." He asked. "What are you doing." Harry asked. "Just talking." Blaine said. "Right Izz." I nodded and walked up. Harry nodded and walked away.


Harry's P.O.V.-

   I knew something was up. When I went to check on Izzy she was in a robe. But she was wearing her suit. Did she change or... "Harry calm down." Liam said as we were going up the stairs. We went into her room and I punched the wall. He already knew I was pissed. "Harry man please." Niall said. I made a whole and I kept punching it went to the bathroom and I kept going my shirt was being taired and ripped. My fangs came out. My eyes grew wide and angry and I was growling.

   "Harry." I heard a low voice say I turned to see Izzy. I turned back around. And she asked what I was doing. "What happened." I asked. "Nothing." She said. I knew she was lying. And he did something, something bad to her. I just wanted to rip his freaking head off. We calmed down, well I calmed down, and we played twister. We watched a movie and she fell asleep in my arms. God, what happened to her down there.

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