Controling The Power

Isadora was a normal high schooler; but when she finds out something about her best friend that will change her life. When she eventually becomes the same as him will she be able to control her self or will she go ballistic and take advantage of her new power.


2. How Could I Be Scared Of My Kind

Harry's  P.O.V.-

  I woke up when I felt Isadora get out of my arms. She went downstairs and I tried to go back to sleep. I couldn't. I decide to go get some milk to help me sleep. I walked downstairs and saw Blaines light on. I walked quietly to the door and listened. I heard panting and Izzy crying. "Please stop. Please." She said while sobbing.

   "Bitch." Blaine said. "Your mine. Ill do what I want with you. Now turn around. And get on all fours." He said. Then I got it he was doing the unthinkable. I heard someone come down the stairs but I didn't care. I stormed in the room. "Get out!" Blaine screamed. I was shocked at what I saw I couldn't move. Isadora was crying and insanely red. She had cuts all on her leg and lashes on her back. She was naked and on her hands and knees. Blaine was on top of her. He pulled out and shoved me out of the door.

  He locked it. "Let me in." I screamed. "Fuck off!" He yelled. I got so angry. My fangs came out, my muscles grw, my eyes got wide, and my veins popped out. I kicked the door and it flew to the other side of the room, literally. Blaine looked scared.

  "Harry. No!" Zayn yelled. I threw Blaine off of her. He hit the ground and groaned. I picked him up and pushed him against the wall. I choked him and he turned purple. Liam came and pulled me off. "Calm down." He said.

  I didn't care. Right now I was much stronger than them so I got out of his grasp. Niall was holding Isadora and I ran back to Blaine. "Please." He muttered. "Why!" I screamed. "Why hurt her. What has she ever done." I yelled. "You stole her and I needed her to know she was really mine." He said laughing. I looked at him and let out my fangs. He stopped laughing and he stared at my fangs. "Your a vampire?" He asked. "Hell yea I am." I said getting real close to his face. "And your dead." I said before I sank my teeth into his neck.

  "Harry! No!" Liam yelled. But he was to late. I was drinking all Blaines blood. I was happy he was dead and I just kept sucking and sucking. I was finally done and stood up. I looked at Izzy. Blaines blood dripping from my mouth. She stood up and ran to me. She hugged me tight and said, "Thank you Harry. I love you so much."

   I was shocked but hugged back. "Your not surprised." I asked. "No. He was horrible and I could do anything to stopped him I wish I could of." She said. "Harry!" Liam yelled. He punched me, breaking Izzy away. "Why?" He yelled. "Your not like this." He said.

  "He raped her!" I yelled. "For who knows how long. I love her! He took her virginity and her life! How could I not eat him!" I yelled. Liam hugged me and said sorry. The boys joined in and Iz wiggled in. We looked at her and smiled. I was still surprise she wasn't scared. We ended up hiding the body and cleaning up. We fixed the door and went off to bed. Louis took her mom and dads room. Liam took the guest room. Niall took her sisters room. Zayn took the game room and I slept with her.

   I asked her when we got in bed, "Why aren't you scared of us?" She laughed and replied, "They are too." I smiled and nodded. "Well." She started. She laughed and I said, "What is it." She hugged me leaned in close to my ear then said, "How could I be scared of my kind." Then she fell asleep on my chest. Or so I thought.

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