just a big mistake

this is a story about a girl named Chelsea and her sister Spencer go on a trip and there hotel room gets mixed up with......


3. who are you??

Chelsea's POV

Spencer and i where watching Charlie st. cloud and the door started to unlock and spencer curled up in a ball and i sat next to her and rubbed her back and when the door opened i screamed at whoever was there and told them to get out or i would call the police.

Louis POV

the guys and i just got to our room and there was a girl inside screaming she was going to call the police if we didnt leave i was confused cause this our room.

before i knew it Zayn was in the room screaming at the girl in the room and in the background crying and i knew their was 2 girls in there. i ran in and turned on the lights and their on the coach was a girl curled up iin a ball crying  i yelled fot the rest of the guys to come in and get zayn to stop yelling at the other girl and to get them to calm him down.

*5 mins later*

 I dont care who you are if your in a band or not! you made my sister cry! you broke into your room! and you should be greetful i didnt call the police on you! thats all i heard Chelsea said i think thats her name anyway. i tried getting Spencer out of her room but she just kept saying she was onnly opening the door for Chelsea so i got Chelsea and she went into Spencers room and then brought her out and told her something which i couldnt hear her say but Spencer ran to the door and opened it but Liam scared her and she screamed at him and heard her swear and run to the elevator and go down stairs great

Spencers POV

Chelsea told me to go downstairs and call our dad so tried to but liam was in the way and he scared me. so i ran downstairs and called my dad.           (phone call dad=d spencer=s)

s; daddy some band broke into your room

d; ok i will be right over sweety

s; thanks daddy


Jeff {spencers dad} POV

ok i will be right there sweety i told spencer

i came to the hotel right away i ran into the lobby and there she was siting on a chair we went up to the room and i talked to the boys.

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