My Summer Love Last First Kiss (completed)

my summer love last first kiss, complicated right, im Alex Samuals, I have grown up with a guy called Liam Payne, right until summer 05, in that summer, Liam and I got the closest weve ever been, we found a little hide out where we visited everyday for most of the summer, I found out I was falling in love with him, each day, from the start of summer to the end i'd love him more and more, then, suddenly, the day after Liam's 12th birthday, my parents told me we had to move, my world came crashing down, just minutes before I had to leave, he did the unexpected, he kissed me, this was my first kiss, my last first kiss infact, I never forgot that summer, my summer love last first kiss, read out more to see if they meet again, if they do how? what will happen? or have things changed? I hope you like it :)


19. two weeks later

Alex's point of view

two weeks later and Harry and Niall have been DMing me a lot, but they've been with the other boys, I cant believe im actually talking to them, Danny has been spending more time with me, yay he went to work every so often but not as much, today he was at work though, Liam had also followed me, I still cant believe it, Liam Payne, from a famous boyband, was my old best friend, then it hit me, I am going to meet them when they go on tour, oh my word, would he recognise me, would remember me, would he have kept his promises about not forgetting about our Summer Love, I scanned down my twitter page, when I ha done I was just about to log off when is saw I had a DM.

@Real_Liam_Payne, woow Liam's DMed me,

'I know we haven't met, but the boys have told me about, all good so don't worry, cant wait to meet you :) they've also said that you are going to a tour date, and backstage with us, do you still want that? :) x'

awww he's still so cute and sweet I replied,

'awww glad they've said good things about me :) cant wait to meet you either :) and yes of course, love to, if its still ok with you all and everyone backstage :) x' what I couldn't just say 'im your summer love Alex do you remember me' can I he'll think im nuts, I've just gotta wait till I meet them, Liam soon replied,

'awww :') and of course, they all want to see you again and I want to meet you, and the people like Paul and that said its the least we could do for you since Harry ruined your t-shirt and for a fan :) x' so I replied.

'awww Liam your so sweet :) and haha its really no trouble, but I cant wait to see you in concert :) x' and he replied

'awww thanks, you seem sweet to :) and cant wait to see you either, by the way, the concert is a week tomorrow, be there at 6:00pm, find Paul give the password, Yabba dabba doo <---- this was Louis' idea haha sorry, and then Paul will tell you we're you are sitting, which is at the front, yes we saved them seats for you a your friend, and then after the concert finishes, wait behind and Paul will come find you and bring you to us :) x'

is this really happening, ahhhhh, and I replied,

'rightyo thank you Liam, this means so much to my friend and I we absolutely adore you all and haha trust Louis, will do everything you said, thank you again :) x'

we talked for a bit longer then he had to go, I text Ellie the details and sat down,

it was 10 pm and Danny should be coming soon, I checked my phone

1 new message from Danny,

'im so sorry babe, work's asked me to stay in, im so sorry I have to cancel tonight, ill make it up some how soon :/ :) x'

ughhh should've knew that was coming, he was doing so well to.

'oh its fine, have fun bye :) x'

when really it wasn't fine, sometimes I question myself is Danny the one for me, then my mind wondered to Liam, am I going to fall for him over again when I meet them, oh my, I never thought of that, its been 5 nearly 6 years since I left, hmmm I wonder if he remembers me, I hope he does, I want him to remember me and hold me in his arms just like he did all those years ago, I want him to make this Danny situation better, tell me everything's going to be ok, I just want him to tell me that he's never going to let me go again, wait, why am I thinking of Liam, am I already falling for him again even though I've not even seen him im 6 years, n I cant, I shrugged it off and made my way to be.

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