My Summer Love Last First Kiss (completed)

my summer love last first kiss, complicated right, im Alex Samuals, I have grown up with a guy called Liam Payne, right until summer 05, in that summer, Liam and I got the closest weve ever been, we found a little hide out where we visited everyday for most of the summer, I found out I was falling in love with him, each day, from the start of summer to the end i'd love him more and more, then, suddenly, the day after Liam's 12th birthday, my parents told me we had to move, my world came crashing down, just minutes before I had to leave, he did the unexpected, he kissed me, this was my first kiss, my last first kiss infact, I never forgot that summer, my summer love last first kiss, read out more to see if they meet again, if they do how? what will happen? or have things changed? I hope you like it :)


4. third day of Summer

still Alex's point of view

the next day my mum woke me up at 9am, it was raining i could hear it, I wasn't feeling very well, you know, it was that time of the month, I felt sick, stomache aching all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball,

"sweetie, im just going to Sarah's im staying over night, we've not seen each other in ages so we're having a girly night catch up, is that ok" my mum called.

"sure mum that's fine, have a great time, when are you going" I asked.

"now, so that's why i've got you up early, do you want me to make you some breakfast" she asked openin my curtains to reveal the dull weather outside.

"no im fine, and ok" I smiled draggin myself out of bed,

my mum kissed me goodbye and went, I heard te door slam shut, Sarah was her best friend, but Sarah's been ill with being pregnant, and then she had the baby so that's had a fall back, so I guess there going to have fun. I washed my face and went downstairs still in my pajamas, I put the TV on and got a hot water bottle(if you dont know what one is, its not a bottle of water thats hot that you drink, I cant really explain it, so if you want to know google it) it always helps the stomach ache, so I planted myself on the couch and turned the channels over, I put some music on, and started to settle down, then i got a text.

'hey Alex, its raining so we can't go to our place :( but if you want, you could come round mine if you want, my mum and sisters are in though so we'd have to cope with them :D xx' so I replied back, 'hey Liam, yeah ill come, but I have the place to myself if you fancy, otherwise I will come :) xx' so a few minutes later he replied 'well if you have a free house, ill come round yours if you want me to :) xx' and so I replied, 'sure, come in 15 minutes, getting dressed hehe :) xx' and so he replied, 'ok dude, see you in a bit :) xx'

so I threw some random clothes on and went back downstairs, I still had my hot water bottle with me, and then I heard a knock, I went to the door and their stood Liam, he smiled at me as I welcomed him in, I closed the door behind him, I snuggled upto the hot water bottle as Liam and I sat down.

"is it the time of the month then" he smiled, I nodded, it was awkward talking about it, but Liam's my best friend so I could tell him anything, and he could tell me everything.

"awwww, come here" he smiled and opened his arms for a hug, I chuckled and we hugged, I leant my head on his chest, which was really comfy, we started like that for a few seconds when we parted.

"that was actually very comfy" I chuckled.

"really" he asked, I nodded. "well, you can go back like that if you want" he added.

"really" I asked him.

"sure, ive seen loads of best friends do it" he smiled.

"true" I replied, which I have.

"I know, do you want to watch a film" he asked.

"yeahhhh" I practically screamed.

"ouch, and ok then, I know, we'll make it a movie day since that you're not feeling well, ill go get the ice cream, cookies and whatever out of the cupboard, ill make us a cup of tea, and we'll have an awesome day" he suggested.

"perfect Liam, why are you such agreat best friend" i asked, he chuckled.

"because I have a great best friend, and I want to treat her that way" he grinned.

"awwwww" I smiled. we discussed what films to watch, he decided 3 films, so did I, I picked, the notebook, Shrek and The Lion King, and Liam just chose the Toy Story triology, so we deccided to watch the Toy Story Triology first, so he put the first one in he got our tea, ice cream and everything planted it on the table and then came and sat back down next to me, he opened his arms for me got lie on him, so I did, he was really comfy, we ate our ice cream and cookies, we drank our tea and in no time the triology had finished, which took us till 4 pm.

"want some toast or something" he asked, I nodded. so he did us some toast for tea and so we put the notebook on,

"thank you Liam, for doing this" I smiled once we settled down again.

"no problem, thats what best friends do, they are there for them no matter what" he smiled.

"awwww Li" I smiled back and hugged him, and we continued watching the film. we both started crying at the end of it, we looked like messes when it had finished. we dried our tears and laughed at our stupid we were being, and he put the next film, Shrek on, I got in the position in Liam's arms, and the film started.

"where's your mum anyway" he asked half way through the film.

"she's staying at her friends, who she hasn't seen for a while" I replied.

"oh right, does that mean that your going to be on your own tonight then" he asked.

"yep" I replied. "but Li, could you do me one favour" I asked, I had wanted to ask him this since we got here, but I didn't know how he react.

"what is it love" he asked.

"could, you umm.... possibly...ummmm" I stuttered.

"what, cmon" he laughed.

"could you stay the night" I asked.

"of course, if thats what you want" he replied.

"really" I exclaimed.

"of course" he chuckled.

"awww Li, thank you sooooo much, you are the best friend anyone could have or even ask for" I smiled hugging him tightly.

"its no problem" he replied as we continued watching the film, in the middle I felt Liam's head rest on me, then heard a little heavy breathing, I guessed he had gone to sleep. awww bless him. come to think of it, im actually tired. my eyes got heavier and heavier, and eventually they shut, and I fell into a deep sleep. Liam was really comfy.

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