My Summer Love Last First Kiss (completed)

my summer love last first kiss, complicated right, im Alex Samuals, I have grown up with a guy called Liam Payne, right until summer 05, in that summer, Liam and I got the closest weve ever been, we found a little hide out where we visited everyday for most of the summer, I found out I was falling in love with him, each day, from the start of summer to the end i'd love him more and more, then, suddenly, the day after Liam's 12th birthday, my parents told me we had to move, my world came crashing down, just minutes before I had to leave, he did the unexpected, he kissed me, this was my first kiss, my last first kiss infact, I never forgot that summer, my summer love last first kiss, read out more to see if they meet again, if they do how? what will happen? or have things changed? I hope you like it :)


30. shock

Alex's point of view

at 5pm Danny came for me, I hopped in his car and we drove to his work,

"you may meet some teenagers, I think their famous, but I don't know, only been told I was seeing 5 teenagers that are wealthy, anyway are you ok with this" he asked,

"yeah I suppose" I smiled, fake smiled off course,

"good good" he smiled

when we arrived we got out the car and he kissed my cheek, and held my hand, his hands were cold and rough, not like Liam's warm, soft and soothing, Alex stop thinking of Liam, I mentally slapped myself and brought myself back to reality, we walked in the building, it was a tall glassy building, it was huge, i've never actually been here before, when we got inside Danny greeted all his workmates,

he smiled at then and we walked in his office, the maid was in there clearing his desk, there was a guy with black hair was waiting by the desk

"ohh Danny boy, how did you manage to pull a fit bird like her"  the guy with black hair said, ughhh, jerk,

"excuse me one im not a bird, and two twist your big long giraffe neck around and start working, you pathetic moron" I sassed

"Alex" a guy gasped, I turned around to see a smirking Louis, I smiled at him, i'd not seen him since the bowling alley,

"hey Louis how are you" I smiled,

"good and you, and I love the sassiness there girl" he laughed,

"im good thanks and thank you very much" I smiled at Louis then looked towards the guy and Danny, the guys mouth had dropped and Danny's face was in complete confusion,

"you know Louis Tomlinson from One Direction" the guys asked,

"yeah what's it to you" I snorted,

"he's famous, and well your not" he said, bad move, just then Louis stepped in front of me,

"oy, big neck, i'd advice you to get out of here before I call your boss and tell him your harassing the customers or whatever she's doing here"  he angered, the guy put his head down and left, I laughed at Louis, he engulfed me in a hug and smiled,

"sorry to break up this.......this whatever it is, but we have to work, where's the other 4 your boss told me theres 5 of you" Danny asked,

"this is a friend reunion and well one has to come from Wolverhampton, another was getting food and the others were parking up" Louis replied,

so that's where Liam was, wait, Danny is One Direction's money sorting person, wait, how come it took Liam so long, he said it would take an hour to get back, it took me 25 minutes to get home, in Wolverhampton, yes I lived in London, but my parents are still in Wolverhampton and I was visiting them

"what are you doing here Alex" he asked, just as I was about to reply, the door opened and in came 3 of them, where was Liam,

"Alex" they all gasped,

"yep that's me" I grinned,

"I told you boys I saw her" Harry chuckled, and they all hugged me,

"right yes Alex I take it you've met them, now wheres the last of you" he asked,

"who knows" Niall spoke up,

"well we need to proceed, you boys can update him when he gets here" Danny pointed out, and so he went on and on about the money, sometimes, I think that's all he cared about, sigh,

"Alex how come your here, its really bugging me now" Zayn asked,

"well......" I started to say, but he cut me off,

"she's my girlfriend now come on, with the money savings" he said, what, is that it, I was about to speak, when the door opened and in came Liam, when I saw his face my heart melted, I beated faster, I felt sick, yep I really did have feelings for him, wait, what am I saying.

"Liam" they all hollered, his head down at first but when the yelled he looked up, he smiled and them

"guys" he chuckled then he looked around and saw me

"Alex" he gasped, my heart stopped,

"L...L...Liam" I stuttered,

"yes, now come on forget about my girlfriend, and lets get down to business"

"wait he's your boyfriend" Liam called

"yes, come on business, now" Danny replied, that's the last straw, I was about to scream when Louis stepped in front of me

"just hold on their is that all you can say, Alex I don't know how your with this......this...thing, he's been our business man for 2 years now and he's a complete, excuse my French, ass" he spoke up,

"oy theres no need to speak to me that way" he replied

"yes there is" I spoke up,

"what" he looked at me,

"Louis right, you are an ass, you care more about work and money than me, you expect me to come to your dumb work, I cant even say anything without you bringing up work, we're over" I yell,

"no wait babe, we can work this out" he said grapping my wrist,

"I don't think so, we're over and that's that" I yell, I yank my wrist from his grip and ran out of his work, when I got outside tears streamed down my face, my emotions we're all over the place, help......

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