My Summer Love Last First Kiss (completed)

my summer love last first kiss, complicated right, im Alex Samuals, I have grown up with a guy called Liam Payne, right until summer 05, in that summer, Liam and I got the closest weve ever been, we found a little hide out where we visited everyday for most of the summer, I found out I was falling in love with him, each day, from the start of summer to the end i'd love him more and more, then, suddenly, the day after Liam's 12th birthday, my parents told me we had to move, my world came crashing down, just minutes before I had to leave, he did the unexpected, he kissed me, this was my first kiss, my last first kiss infact, I never forgot that summer, my summer love last first kiss, read out more to see if they meet again, if they do how? what will happen? or have things changed? I hope you like it :)


2. our special place

Still Alex's point of view


when I looked at it, there was a perfect blue sky, that was going a little darker coz it was 7 pm, already. the sun was just setting, giving the sky a little reddish colour in it. the sun was refecting on the lake that we thought we couldn't get to, there was a little and I mean a little beach near it, the beach thing must be only like 5m but it was still a little beach, grass was surrounding the sand, there was two logs at different ends of thepatch of grass, Liam and I was astonished by what we saw, it was amazing. it was surrounded by tree's it looked like it looked like a little private beach. it was secluded from everything.

"how perfect is this place" Liam gasped.

"you can say that again" I chuckled.

"cmon, lets see if we can touch things up, make it more like our own special place" Liam suggested.

"yeahhh, but how, and what can we do to it" I asked.

"hmmm..... well we could add our own little tire swing, not now, coz I have a spare tire at home we could use, we could move some logs and stuff to make it act like a bench to sit on" Liam suggested.

"Liam, you have some great ideas, lets do the log thing now" I suggested, he nodded and we got to work.

Liam walked over to a log, I grabbed one end, and he grabbed the other, we rolled it on to where the sand lay. and then we went back and got the other one and rolled it opposite the other, so Liam could have one, and so could I.

"perfect, now, when we decide to come back here again, and stay longer then, then we could get some stick and try to make a fire and relax by the fire and sit on here and talk" I sugggested.

"great, this could be our special place to hang out whenever we want" he smiled.

"yeah and it looks secluded enough,and if I hadn't have been bothered to look past the big block of trees we would've never have found this place, so no one should come, it would be our special place" I smiled dreamily.

"perfect, I can't believe we, well, you found it" Liam said, I chuckled.

"but if you hadn't have looked up when that path ended, we wouldn't have seen it" I smiled. he smiled back.

"I wonder who came here before, and how long ago it was" I asked.

"hmm.... no idea, but ages, the dirt path only washes the footprints away after a good few years maybe longer than just a few, even the rain dont wash it away, I've read about it, yeah, it was in science, im not that nerdy" he chuckled.

"aww Li, I never said you was" I smiled. "hug" I said as I opened my arms, Liam and i always hug, our parents always laugh at us, but we don't care, we're best friends. then, he opened his arms and held me close to him, when we parted we looked at the sun, finally setting behind the hills.

"lets go now, we could come back some time soon, and its getting late to, our parents will be worried" Liam said, he really is such a worrier, I nodded and we headed back through the path, through the trees, after a good half an hour walk, we was back at the park in no time.

"I had fun today" I smiled at Liam as we said our goodbyes, he lives next door but one to me.

"me too, its been great, and we found a new place to hang out" he replied.

"yeah, can't wait to go back there again with you" I smiled.

"same" he replied.

"Li" I said.

"yes Alex" he replied.

"can it be our little secret" I said nervously.

"sure, I was hoping it would be our little secret anyway" he winked.

"yeah, at first, I wished that we could be alone now, without our parents teasing us, and now we are alone and its our place to hide, to hide away, and have fun" I smiled

"awww" we both said, we hugged one last time, and then went in our houses. it was a perfect way to start the summer,

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