My Summer Love Last First Kiss (completed)

my summer love last first kiss, complicated right, im Alex Samuals, I have grown up with a guy called Liam Payne, right until summer 05, in that summer, Liam and I got the closest weve ever been, we found a little hide out where we visited everyday for most of the summer, I found out I was falling in love with him, each day, from the start of summer to the end i'd love him more and more, then, suddenly, the day after Liam's 12th birthday, my parents told me we had to move, my world came crashing down, just minutes before I had to leave, he did the unexpected, he kissed me, this was my first kiss, my last first kiss infact, I never forgot that summer, my summer love last first kiss, read out more to see if they meet again, if they do how? what will happen? or have things changed? I hope you like it :)


31. My Summer Love Last First Kiss

Liam's point of view

"I don't think so, we're over and that's that" she yelled and yanked her arm from him and ran off, we all looked at each other, we talked a bit and argued with Danny

"you boys call Simon or Paul telling him we're moving our money, while I go see to Alex" I replied,

"go get her Liam, and ok" Harry and Louis grinned, I rolled my eyes but chuckled,

I actually was only going to see if she was ok

Alex's point of view

I leaned against the wall and slid down and cried, how could I have been so stupid thinking Danny would ever really like me, how could I think anyone would like me, im just someone's rubbish they through away, I just get taken for a mug, sigh, I cried for a bit longer when I felt two arms wrap around me, I looked up and saw Liam,

"Liam" I gasped,

"yeah, its me" he whispered, I turned around and sobbed in his arms,

"shhhhhh, its going to be all right" he soothed listening his voice just made me feel a whole lot better, he stroke my hair, I loved it when he did this

"thanks Li" I smiled up at him

"no worries, my Summer Love" he smiled back,

my face looked up in surprise, he does remember me,

"what" I whispered in disbelief

"I kept my promise, I remember we had it all" he smiled, kissing my forehead, tears were forming in my eyes

"when I first met you again I knew it as you, but I didn't know 100%, when you left that day, after the kiss, I was actually heart broken, I was scared that I would loose you, and I did, for a while" he sighed, I sighed

"im sorry for that day, I was just scared" I sighed, tears streamed down, then I realised, I love Liam.

"i've kissed no one since you you know" he stated,

"me either" I replied,

"what about Danny" he asked,

"well he never kissed me on the lips, and I was glad by that, you we're my Summer Love Last First Kiss" I smiled,

"same with you" he smiled back

I looked him in the eyes, and he looked me in the eyes, suddenly he cupped his hands around my face and kissed me, sparks went flying, I deepened the kiss, suddenly we heard coughs we parted to see 4 grinning boys,

"well, I think we came out in the wrong moment" Niall said, I blushed but Liam and I laughed, he entwined our hands and made out way to the boys car and drove home, I love my life, I have Liam, my Summer Love Last First Kiss, my friends and family, I love it.

right guys I didn't know what else to put, so this is the end, im so sorry, I have no other ideas, I will make a new movella soon when I figure a story line, thank you to all those who have liked, faved and commented on it, you guys are the best, thank you :) I will post on here when my new movella is up, thank you again and sorry I couldn't go any further, I just have no idea what can happen next

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