So, basically you tell me what you want in the comments below,and I'll write an imagine for you! <3


2. Kayla - 13!

so there are two kayla's, so ive put your age at the end ^.^

"So how nervous are you Kayla?" your mum asks you.

It's your wedding day and you're getting married to a Mr Louis William Tomlinson.

You're stood there in a beautiful ivory-lace wedding dress, your hair is pinned up in ringlets and you have the most wonderful smile on your face.

"How nervous? ermm... well, very!" you said sarcastically

"ok love, no need to be like that!" your mum snapped back.

"Im sorry, i know its just, oh god! what of he doesnt turn up?"

"its him that should be worried that you dont turn up!"

1 hour later, you and Louis were saying your vows.

"Kayla, I love you so much, and I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you!" Louis declares

The vicar tells louis he may now kiss the bride.

At your first dance, the rest of the boys sing truly madly deeply (if you havent heard the one direction song then do!)

You both dance the night away, and 1 year later, you are in labour.

"Push babe! come on, you can do it!" Louis encourages you to keep going.

"Louis, I can't do it!" you shout

"Oh hell no! Listen Kayla, How many times have you heard me say that, but you've sat me down and told me, that you can always do anything! so, you are going to do this, and before you know it we're going to have a beautiful baby girl, OK?" Louis words push you over that last hurdle and before you know it, and just like he said you're beautiful baby girl arrives.

"I love you so much Louis!"

"Babe, she's almost as beautiful as her mum."




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