One Direction Imagines

I take requests and I well do Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn Imagines in your choice mature, humor and ect.


5. Niall Horan Imagine (Requested from Nia)

It's been almost a year since I seen Niall with his cute innocent smile, he was gonna be back in a week so I was getting everything ready for him but that wasn't working out because I had to do night shifts at the office my secretary walked in "Nia, somebody is here for you" she said "okay" I replied as I walked out I felt arms around my hips I turn around to see Niall in a tux and was holding a bag "Niall!! I thought you weren't gonna be here til next week" I said with excitement "One of our concert's got cancelled" he said with a disappointed look "Aww I know it's hard that you let some of your fans down but, at least they well get they're money back and then then they can buy other tickets for another concert" I said trying to cheer him up "What is in that bag?" I ask "Your dress" he replied "My what?" I ask confused "Your dress me and you are going for dinner" he says with s huge cute smile. As I we drove home for me to get ready at the house, I quickly ran upstairs jumped into my dress and did my make-up neatly and made my hair into a fancy bun with a schrunchy. I walked down stairs to meet Niall I was about to walk out the front door when he grabbed my hand and took me out back. As we went out back I seen a blanket on the ground surrounded with Candles in the middle of the blanket I saw a bucket where it said Nando's "Awww, this is so Sweet Niall" I turn around and kiss him softly we walk towards the blanket and sit down. He puts his hand over the bucket like he was remembering something then a smile came across his face he grabbed hte chicken then gave it to me I smile at him like he was planning something I took a bite of my chicken then I felt something hard I thought it was a bone so I spitted it out then before my eyes on the ground layed a 2 carrot ring. I was shocked I looked up and heard Niall say "Well you be my princess forever?" he said with a happy serious face I teared up with happiness "Yes" I said with the happiest I could be.

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