One Direction Imagines

I take requests and I well do Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn Imagines in your choice mature, humor and ect.


8. Louis Tomlinson Imagine (Requested from Emma)

Lounging poolside with the boys one hot afternoon, they are all in the water while you soak up the sun in your chair. The boys begin splashing you, trying to prompt you into the water, but you just scream and get up to move your things further from the oncoming sprays of water. As you’re turned towards your chair, moving it back, Harry hops out of the pool. He grabs you around your waist by surprise and jumps into the water with you in his arms. When you both surface, you begin splashing him fiercely. "Harry!" you scream as he retaliates the splashes before grabbing you around the waist once more and securing your arms by your sides, keeping you from attacking anymore. You’re both doubled over in fits of laughter as he drags you around the pool for a few moments before you’ve convinced him you won’t splash anymore. He finally lets you go, and as you swim back across the pool, you’re met with an unhappy Louis. You send a small, playful splash his way, but he’s not having it. "Not in the mood," he states simply and you just scrunch up your face at him. "If I had done that to you, you would have been so mad. But Harry does it and you laugh manically." "That is not true, and you know it." "Last weekend I sprayed you with the hose and you got so angry," Louis argues. "Lou, I was in clothes, not a bathing suit. And it wasn’t the outside hose, it was the faucet hose - you got everything soaked!" Louis considers this for a minute before a smirk plays across his face. "It was still pretty funny, though, wasn’t it?" he asks, amused all over again by the memory. You glare at him for a moment before he grabs hold of you, lifting you as high into the air as he can and then tossing you into the water.

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