One Direction Imagines

I take requests and I well do Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn Imagines in your choice mature, humor and ect.


7. Liam Payne Imagine (Requested from Mayte)

“Come on, Mayte I challenge you to a drink-off!” Niall exclaims happily, slamming a bottle of water down in front of you. “A drink off?” you ask, raising an eyebrow. You and the boys had been enjoying a lazy night just hanging out, being your usual goofy selves. Apparently, this is Niall’s way of adding a little more fun to the evening. You shrug and twist the cap off the bottle. “First one to finish the whole bottle of water wins,” Niall explains. “I’ll count you off!” Louis pipes in. “On three. One…Two…Three!” You and Niall chug the water and each slap your bottles down within a matter of a couple of seconds of each other. “It’s close. It’s very close, but I’m gonna have to hand it to Mayte” Louis announces. “What?? No way, I definitely beat her!” Niall playfully argues. “HA! You got beat by a girl,” you tease, bringing Niall to grab your upper body, pulling you in towards him with his hand over your mouth to muffle your taunting. You’re both laughing through it all, wrestling with each other a bit until Niall finally lets you go. You shove his arm and he shoves you back. After a little while, once that moment has died down, you realize Liam had been quieter than usual. “What’s wrong?” you question and he just shakes his head. “Something’s wrong; you aren’t yourself.” You take a seat on the couch next to him, waiting for an explanation. “I dunno. It’s stupid really. There’s no reason for it to bug me,” he states vaguely. “For what to bug you?” you press. “That thing between you and Niall.” “What thing? The water game?? You’re jealous of that?! Why?” He shrugs and you continue, “Liam, shouldn’t it be a good thing that your friends and I get along so well? You don’t have to be jealous of anything; it’s all in good fun, on both sides. You’re my one and only,” you finish, giving him a kiss on the cheek causing him to smile and return back to his normal self.

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