One Direction Imagines

I take requests and I well do Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn Imagines in your choice mature, humor and ect.


6. Liam Payne Imagine (Requested from Georgie)

Imagine you, Liam, Zayn, Niall, Harry and Louis are at Liam’s house playing spin the bottle, Louis spins it and it lands on you.

“Okay, erm go fuck Liam in his bedroom” Louis says to you.

You go bright red, but you know this is want you wanted, afterall you have fancied Liam for 2 years.

“Okay, I’ll do it, will you?” Liam looks at you, waiting for a reply.

“Yeah…” You say back to him, the rest of the boys are pissing themselves laughing.

You and Liam head to his room. When you both enter the room, Liam quickly shuts and locks the door behind you both so none of the boys can get in.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Liam asks you.

“Yeah, truthfully, I’ve wanted it for a long time” You say back to him, anxiously waiting for a response.

Instead of a response you get a kiss. As Liam kisses you, he has his arm around your waist and his other hand down his pants. When you stop snogging, you remove Liam’s shirt, lie him on the bed and strip infront of him, making his erection more visable. Once you are fully naked, you sit on Liam’s face and you moan loudly as his tongue enters your hole. After Liam has licked all of your liquid, you sit on his chest, as you pull down his chinos and bright purple boxers, you reveal his massive 10 inch cock. You bite and lick your lips at the sight of this, take hold of it in one hand and rub on it, quickly, making Liam moan quietly every few seconds. Liam eventually gets so horny, he sits up and pushes your head down, he moans loudly when he feels his cock in your wet mouth and thrusts gently to get it further in because its too big. When you finish swallowing after Liam has cummed inside you mouth, you lie on the bed, with your legs wide open and moan while Liam sticks 4 fingers inside your hole “Baby, your so fucking tight, I’m gonna have to make you wider” Liam says to you, you go to reply, but just moan really loud as he starts moving all 4 fingers around in a circle. After you suck all 4 of Liam’s fingers, he pushes you up against a wall, puts your legs around his waist and his cock enters you. The pain is horrible at first, but then it becomes intense pleasure. You run one of your hands through Liam’s hair and you use the other to hold your tit while Liam sucks/bites it. “Ohhhh Liam, fuck me harder” you say to him, “I’m gonna cum” Liam says, you then feel his cum shoot up inside you and you both moan louder as you both start to orgasm. After an hour of pure sex, you both lie next to each other, naked on Liam’s bed. “Babe, I’ve got something to tell you” Liam says to you. “What, do you have a girlfriend or something” you say back to him. “No, but I want you to be mine” Liam says to you, you look into his deep brown eyes and start crying with happiness. “Don’t you want to be?” Liam says, thinking he’s upset you. “Of course I do, I fell in love with you the first time we met and loved you since, I’d love to be your girlfriend”. You and Liam kiss, then you both get dressed and head back to see the boys.

“So did you do it?” Niall asks you.

“Yeah and now we are together” You say, then Liam hugs you and kisses you on the forehead.

“Lads, smell these fingers” Liam says while walking over to the 4 boys holding his hand up. You simply laugh and feel the happiest you’ve felt for ages, knowing the boy you love, loves you aswell.

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