Just another secret

Lexi' parents had died when she was 13. She own the house well her and her brother they didn't need to pay the rent because the house was theirs. She had a rich family. She got all the money clothes she wanted. But all she wanted was for the pain of her loss to go away, for her parents to come back. For the bully's to stop. She knows more about you than you know about your self. She has friends yes. But they not normal. Either is she. But what happens when she fall's in love with her bully. He see's her scar's. But will he see the story behide it? Just don't tell anyone it's just one of the many secrets she has to hide.


1. Scar

"Hey Lexi!" I knew it was him so I keeped walking. "Hey Lexi you bitch!" He shouted then he pushed me to the ground. He was laught at me. I fixed my hair. Hiding a secert. "You so shallow!" He yelled. "All you do is fix your hair!" He laughed and so did his friends. "What are you hiding?" He asked. Pulling me up by my hair. He eyes staring into mine. He pulled my hair back. Everyone gasped. Staring. "Thats what I was hiding Harry." I took of my jumper. Looking at my arm. "It goes all the way down my arm." I walked off. Putting my jumper back on. Hiding my scar. It was a pink raggered scar, it went all the way from my neck to my wrist. They saw it. I fixed my hair over it as well. I sighed and walked home. They had seen it. They knew one thing about me that only my family knew about. I heard someone laugh, I turned around but no one was there. It's just you imagation, I told my self, he can't hurt you he is dead but the pain never went away. Just my luck it started to rain. Then a car slowed down next to me and was slowly driving besides me. I didn't look at the car I just keep walking. He rolled down his window. It was Justin. My gang member brother. The one person I can trust. The only person who didn't leave. "Lexi! Is that the best thing you can do if a car stops next to you!" He was mad. I laughed and got into the back of the car next to Max. Justin's best friend. He wrapped his arm around me and kissed my forehead. Not in a boyfriend girlfriend type way. Max always does that. It kind of shows that he's there for me. After all these guys did save my life.


Harry' POV.

I stood there looking at her arm. Who gave her that? Why? When? All of us guys looked at each other when she left. I went to my car and followed her. But so did someone else. I heard what he shouted. "Lexi! Is that the best thing you can do if a car stops next to you!" She laughed and I decided to follow them. I waited abit after they went inside I waitted for 30 minutes. Then knocked on her door. To guys held guns at my head. "Why did you follow us?!" They tallest one asked.


"Drop the guns!" I looked behide them. It was Lexi. I smiled. But the guns were still at my head. Lexi grabbed them. I looked her up and down. She was wearing cheakered PJ pants and a vest top which was grey. I looked at her scar. It was scary. I listened to them shout back and forth untill the guys gave up. She smiled. Then the boys seen that her scar was on show. They put a jumper to cover it. She acted as if it never happened. "Come in." She smiled.

"Hey Lexi since when do have friends?" One of the boys asked. She punched him in the face and he fell backwards. "Shut up Max!" She laughed so did Max. She had so many chances to hit all of us boys but she didn't. I followed her into her room. I gasped. She had 12 knifes hanging in a closet. And I seen 5 guns on her desk. She smiled. "What brought you heard?" She asked, putting her guns away. I didn't kow how to answer. I was shocked. "Don't worry Harry I won't hurt you. It's Justin and Max you should worry about." She laughed.

"I heard that!" Someone yelled.

"Good!" She turned to me. "So...?"

"I don't know what to asked now are which one to ask first." She laughed. She looked beautiful when she laughed. Wait-what am I thinking. "Ask away." She said.

"Were parents?"

"Dead." She said. "Next." I wanted to hug her, but I don't.

"Err, me and the guys are mean to you and you don't hit or punch us like you did down there." She sighed.

"I tried really hard not too. But I always walk away before I do. Next."

"Why do you have a scar?" Right then, Justin and Max came in and took me away from her. Max picked me up and took me out. I looked back and Lexi had her legs up against her, her arms wrapped around her knees. She was screaming everyone was. But I could here Lexi the best. "Justin make it stop! I can see him! He's everywhere I go! Laughing at me for being scared!" At first I though she was talking about me. But then Justin shouted. "Max! Get the pills! She's remembering him again!" I looked at Max when we were down stairs. He looked calm. I yelled at him. "How can you be calm when she's up there like that screaming and crying!"

"Listen mate. This is easy. She does it all the time. You should stay the night, see her when she wakes up for the nightmares." He woke off. Night mares?  And screaming? Guns and the knifes? I'll stay the night. I think that Justin and Max have something to do about it. When they came down I asked them how she was. They said "She's fine. Got got scared. So do you wanna  stay the night or not?" I found my self nodding. They smiled. After we got to know each other I found out that Justin is Lexi's brother and Max is there friend. We orded some pizza. Then I foundd out that Justin and Max are in a Gang and are the ones on the other side of town. I found out the reason for Lexi having guns and knifes, when they needed to meet up with the other gang Lexi would be there waitting in case something went wrong. Then I asked if thats how she got the scar. But as soon as I said that they went tense. Justin said that wasn't how she got the scar. He said they moved her because of the scar. But before we could  put on a different film a scream filled the air. The boys were really calm they got some pills and water, made her some sandwiches, I followed them up stairs. She was still screaming. "NO! PLEASE! DON'T! I WILL DO ANYTHING JUST DON'T PLEASE! AHHHHHHHH! IT HURTS! PLEASE!" Justin was a her side waking her up, but it took about half an hour. I asked why and he said if you wake her up to fast she will scream for longer, and she could hurt you too.

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