Just another secret

Lexi' parents had died when she was 13. She own the house well her and her brother they didn't need to pay the rent because the house was theirs. She had a rich family. She got all the money clothes she wanted. But all she wanted was for the pain of her loss to go away, for her parents to come back. For the bully's to stop. She knows more about you than you know about your self. She has friends yes. But they not normal. Either is she. But what happens when she fall's in love with her bully. He see's her scar's. But will he see the story behide it? Just don't tell anyone it's just one of the many secrets she has to hide.


4. Pillow fight.

Lexi' POV

I was walking home after a full day of not getting bullyed. I walked though the door. Justin and the guys were there. "Were going out." Justin said.  He tryed to get to the door. But I was in the way. "Were are you going?" The gang sighed.

"Were going to get money from someone." Dave said. I nodded.

"Be careful." I told them. I walked into my room and got ready for bed. I was wearing my PJ's black shorts and pink vest top. I put my hair into a high ponytail. I always have my hair in a high ponytail at home. My hair wont get in my way then. I sat down in the sitting room and blasted some music on it was Tick Tock by Ke$ha. Then the doorbell rang. I opened the door to see One Direction better knowen as the bullys. They all looked at my arm. All but Harry who got my cover up hoodie and put it on. "Come in."



Zayn' POV

Harry walked in a covered her scar with a hoodie. "Come in." She said. Harry walked straight into a room which was a kichen. "Were's the boys?" Harry asked.

"Oh, er." She didn't no how to put it. "They needed to get something. They'll be back in about 2 hours at the least." It was weird Harry knew were everything was. "Why are yous here?" I didn't know what to say.

"Er. We." Niall tryed to say. But Liam saved us.

"We wanted to see were your ugly ass lived." Everyone laughed but Harry.

"They wanted answers." Harry said. Lexi nodded and walked into a different room which was the sitting room. "I can't give answers if I don't have questions." Harry sat next to Lexi. OK...

"Er... Why did you hit and flip Zayn today?" Louis asked.

"He was annoying me, but hey I didn't use my gun!" She smiled. After 50 minutes we found out nothing about whats going on with Harry and Lexi. Or why she has that scar. I was just about to ask how she got that scar when a group of boys came in. "So Lexi who are these?" One of them asked.

"People. Hey who whats pizza?" She shouted. Everyone screamed yes. Then on of them picked Lexi open and started spining her around. She was giggling. Then he put her down. Some girls walked in.  Everyone stopped and looked. But Lexi screamed. "OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU'RES HERE! HOW?" All the girls started to laugh. "FASHION SHOW!" One of the boys yelled.

"No. Dave yous all used that to look at us! Never again!"

"Why not?!" Dave yelled.

"Because of all the scars someone has got." She whispered. Everyone when silent and looked at Lexi. She was whispering something. Then Harry was cradling her in his arms. Everyone else went into the other room. But two boys didn't they watched Lexi and whispered to her. When she looked calm. They all smiled. One of the boys kissed her foreheads. Harry caught one of her tears. Everyone came back into the sitting room. Actting like nothing had happened. The girls went up stairs and came down with blankets and pillows but they were dressed in the littlest things you will ever see. I looked around everyone was watching the girls. But us One Direction boys were looking at Lexi she had the scar on show and no one cared. But then she turned around and she had scars all up her back. They were just like the scar on her arm but lots of them on her back.


Lexi' POV

I could free their stares on my back. I just ignored it and shouted "PILLOW FIGHT!" On the top of my lungs. Everyone was hitting everyone else. It was like a movie pillow fight. Someone wrapped they arms around my wasted. Harry. I got loose of his grip and walked into the kichen but he followed. "So pillow fight?" I laughed.

"I haven't seen the girls in a year. This pillow fight will carry on untill godknowswhen." I sat on the kichen bench. Harry moved in between my legs. It gave me butterflys. I smiled, so did he. He kissed me. I kissed him back. I opened my mouth and his tongne made is way in my mouth giving me butterflys. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him to me. He put his arms around my waste kissing me harder. I broke away. And whispered in his ear "It's just another secret." I walked back the the pillow fight.

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