Just another secret

Lexi' parents had died when she was 13. She own the house well her and her brother they didn't need to pay the rent because the house was theirs. She had a rich family. She got all the money clothes she wanted. But all she wanted was for the pain of her loss to go away, for her parents to come back. For the bully's to stop. She knows more about you than you know about your self. She has friends yes. But they not normal. Either is she. But what happens when she fall's in love with her bully. He see's her scar's. But will he see the story behide it? Just don't tell anyone it's just one of the many secrets she has to hide.


2. I remember

Lexi POV

He was getting closer and closer. I saw the silver blade of a knife in his hand. He rasied his knife up to my neck. "NO! PLEASE!" I screamed but he dug the knife deepper into my skin. He moved it slowly down from my neck o my sholder. "DON'T!" I screamed. He stopped and slapped me. Telling me to die silenty. "I WILL DO ANYTHING JUST DON'T PLEASE!" He smiled and whispered die. I screamed louder as the knife started to move again. "AHHHHHHHH! IT HURTS! PLEASE!" He cut all the way to my wrist then walked off. BANG! I watched his body fall to the floor. Then I fell and it went black.

I woke up with Justin and Max with me. But then I seen Harry. I had calmed down. But I didn't want to go to sleep. So I follow the boys down stairs once I ate. I fell asleep on Max and Justin. Like always.


Justin POV

Harry seemed like an alright guy. Although I knew that he bullys my sister. When I saw his face when she was screaming. I could tell he wanted answers. So I told him that I was in a gang. He though thats why she had the scar. I tensed up so did Max. I still remember waiting with her in the hospial and her waking up just before they shut her life machine off, I remembe Max shoot the guy how almost took her from me. I remember everything like it was yestarday. I remember when we got home when the door closed with a bang she screamed for hours yelling at someone who wasn't there. I remember the first nightmare she had of him. I remember moving over here to look after her and a fresh start. I remember the first time someone seen her scar, she looked at it. And I had to help her cover it. I could tell that she didn't care that it was there. She only cared about it when people asked and the memories came back to her. She only cared for everyone in the gang she was like a mum to them.



Sorry for it being a little chapter. But I just wanted you to heard a bit of Justin. <3

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