Just another secret

Lexi' parents had died when she was 13. She own the house well her and her brother they didn't need to pay the rent because the house was theirs. She had a rich family. She got all the money clothes she wanted. But all she wanted was for the pain of her loss to go away, for her parents to come back. For the bully's to stop. She knows more about you than you know about your self. She has friends yes. But they not normal. Either is she. But what happens when she fall's in love with her bully. He see's her scar's. But will he see the story behide it? Just don't tell anyone it's just one of the many secrets she has to hide.


5. Glowing

Harry' POV

"It's just another secret." She said then walked away. That kiss I felt sparks. I think I- No I can't. But I do. I love Lexi. But I've knew her forever. I guess I've never looked at her that way. The door bell rang. Max went too answer it, with his gun. Of course. I looked through the door way. The police. Shit! But then Justin went to the door. "What's wrong officer?" Justin asked.

"Well, your friend has a gun and the music is to loud. And they have been complains." All the girls came to the door. They looked different. They were glowing. I couldn't take my eyes off them. But then Lexi came and she looked different to. She was glowing, but brighter than the others. She was talking to the police. They nodded and walked off. Then the glowing stopped. And everyone looked at me. Lexi grabbed my arm. She pulled me up the stairs. Into her room then locked the door. "Sorry about that." She whispered.

"What was that? You were glowing, and the others. And why are we in your room?" She sighed and sat on the ed next to me. "We were glowing because we aren't human. I guess you want to know what we are?" I nodded. She raised her hand and wrote something in midair. Then green sparkly writing showed up what she wrote. I spoke aloud. "An caster." She nodded. And started to cry silently. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her on to my lap. "You. Don't. Hate. M-me." She whispered.

"I could never hate you." I whispered into her hair. "But why are we in your room."

"The girls are new at the whole caster thing And that can't control there thirst. Unlike me. We all have messed up life's. I'm also an vampire. An mara. And an caster."

"O-O-OK, so what's a 'mara'"

"It's-I'm a living nightmare. I can read people's fears. And I turn them n the nightmares and feed of them. Like the girls. But I don't. I don't need too. I-We girls feed off each other. So we don't hurt others. That's why I scream at night. They give me the nightmares and I give them nightmares. So tonight we are taking turns. To feed each other."

"Wow." I breathed. That was all I could say. "So you don't hurt people?" She shook her head. "I'm glad you don't hate me. I think I l-love you."

"I love you too." She turned to look at me.

"I know." She lead in and kissed me. Her lips were warm and soft.


Lexi' POV

"I know you're scared of me." I whispered kissing him harder, faster. Stealing his warmth. "I know you're scared of losing the people you love." I said smiling. As he kissed my jaw line. "I can read your mind." I whispered. As I lay on the bed with him on top of me. "I know what you want." I put my hands under his top. Running my hand up and down his abs. "But I also know you're scared. You're not ready." I sat up and went to the other side of the room. "I know more about you than you know about your self." I whispered. I knew it. The others knew it. But he didn't. He stood up. And walked over to me. He wrapped his arms around my waste. I started swaying side to side. He laughed. "What are we dancing?" He said. I stood on my toes and put my mouth to his ears. "Can't you hear the music?" I whispered. He kissed my neck.

"Yeah I can hear it." He whispered. His voice gave me shivers.


Elisabeth POV

"She's going to get hurt." I whispered to them.

"And we'll be there to pick up the pieces." Justin said. We all nodded. We have to, she can't get hurt again. She's like a sister to all of us. Scratch that. A mum. She found you all. Took us from hell and saved our life. A lot. She took me in when she seen me and raised me as her own. She's the angle. But the angle who can kill. Who will kill. To keep the one's she love's safe. The One Direction boy's went home. They thought the police would come back. But Harry' still upstairs. Then the rain stopped. She wasn't crying anymore. She was happy. Very happy. An rainbow was high in the sky. "Hey!" Lexi screamed, running into our little group. I laughed. The girl' licked their lip's. Looking at Harry. Me, Lexi and the boy's jumped in front of them. But Lexi had made an bubble. Around us all. The girl's tryed to get to Harry but Lexi wasn't letting them. I looked at Harry. He was bleeding. An lot. My throat went dry. I steped out the bubble so I wouldn't hurt him. So did the guy's. But Lexi was their. Her eye's turning red. Harry's blood was all over the floor. But then he stopped bleeding. The blood diapered. Lexi' eye's closed. She fell. Harry was standing there in shook. "W-w-what happened?" He asked.

"She used to much power. Made the girl' have nightmares so you could get out of their grip. They made you bleed. Lexi she drained her self off her powers. To keep you safe. And give you your blood back." Max explained. Then everyone realized that Harry meant more to her them anything. He was one of us. Family.

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